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Unable to Comment on Other Blogs

  1. Thanks for the updates. I've let our developers know that some of you are still having issues with liking posts. I'll let you know what I find out. :)

  2. For those of you who cannot currently like posts: Does anything change for you if you first 1) login to, then 2) navigate to the post and 3) attempt to like it then, rather than try to authenticate when you are clicking Like?

    Can you also post one or two links to specific posts which you are unable to like? Thanks!

  3. Hi, Jackie! thanks for all the help. The problem is coming only on the self hosted page ( and is not there is not there is wordpress hosted page ( Further, If I subscribed to any such blog I'm able to like their post from my reader but I'm not able to like it directly from their site. I'm post a link of one such blog I follow.
    (I have liked this blog from my reader but I'm unable to like it directly in the site)

  4. I've tried to like them when I was already logged in (using wordpress) but wasn't successful.

  5. Thanks gaurabm89! If anyone else can post a detailed report like this, it will be very helpful.

  6. Hi,

    Ok, tried the following steps on:

    Option 1
    Logged into and browsed a few pages using Reader to confirm logged in
    Visited the page
    Clicked on like
    Popup window opened and closed without displaying anything.

    Option 2
    Logged out of wordpress entirely. Confirmed by being unable to admin my blog or view my reader.
    Loaded the page above, clicked on like
    Pop-up opens with the WordPress login screen.
    Logged in and window closed
    Like still not showing my like.
    Clicking on like then opens the popup and closes it almost immediately.
    Like still not showing.

    Hope this helps....

  7. Thanks for the reports. I neglected to ask: can you let me know the operating systems and browsers (along with versions) that you are using when you try liking posts?

  8. I'm using windows 8 and Google chrome Version 29.0.1547.66 m. Hope this will be helpful.

  9. I've checked this just now and the like is also properly functioning. I'm able to like it from the website itself. @jackiedana Thanks for all the help and support. It's an amazing job you guys are doing. :)

  10. @gaurabm89, that's great to hear. @lanceolot, can you confirm these issues are ongoing for you, and if so, can you let me know your OS and browser info?

  11. Interesting development: When i use Chrome, the Likes are still not working for me on the example page I used above. I am using Windows 7 (64bit) and the latest version of Chrome as of right now: 29.0.1547.66 m

    If I use Firefox 23.0.1 then it works perfectly... previously it did not work with any browser including Firefox....

    So it seems that Chrome may have something to do with the problem?

  12. lanceolot, thanks for your additional details. From what I have been hearing elsewhere, Likes have been sporadically not working and then working again without any concrete pattern. At any rate, I am unable to reproduce the issue in Windows 7 in Chrome right now, as Likes are working for me.

    Could you please keep an eye on this for me and let me know if the issue resolves itself or persists over the next few days.

  13. Sure.... I'll make a point of trying to like a few extra freshly pressed posts and let you know what happens... ;-)

  14. Thanks. Sorry to keep sounding like I'm dragging this out, but until I can nail down how it happens and reproduce it, it's hard to pass it along to the developers for a fix. :)

  15. Ok... Still having problems - here are a few pages where it does NOT work using Chrome: ***

    *** As a quick test, I fired up Firefox and tried to like this page and after logging into wordpress via the popup, it worked first time.

    Here are a few pages where it did work.. i.e. I simply loaded a different page and clicked the like - no logging in or changing anything on my browser after viewing the pages that did not work...


    Other than the problem being limited to Chrome, the other most obvious thing is that the ones I have problems with are custom domain sites running wordpress... the ones without custom domains (i.e. * work perfectly every time. I cannot say for sure if the ones that don't work are hosted by vs elsewhere but I sure you guys could figure that out quicker than I could.


  16. lanceolot, thanks so much for this! It was very helpful! I have passed your note along to our developer and the info you included may be enough for us to sort it out. I really appreciate your assistance and patience, and I'll keep you posted!

  17. lanceolot, it looks like this issue may be related to third-party cookies. Can you please check to see if they are working for here:

    It may be that you have cookies enabled for Firefox but not Chrome.

  18. Ok.. That seems to be the problem... Unfortunately I do not like tracking and other third party cookies on my primary browser i.e. Chrome.... and it's a catch-22 with enabling this as it would then force me to chose between clearing all cookies on exit or having "remember me" features to improve usability with things like auto logins etc. to various online services like WordPress. I do clear things but usually not every day.

    Will be interesting to see what happens if/when Firefox and others change their defaults to block 3rd party cookies...

    Oh well... so much for Likes... I'll just have to live with the reduced functionality

    Thanks for the effort.

  19. I appreciate your desire for privacy. However, when you go to certain sites like ours, we use cookies as a way to maintain your login authentication across various actions on the site, so you don't have to keep logging back in.

    If it reassures you what we are doing with our cookies, you can review the kinds of information we collect here

    Finally, you can choose to opt out of a couple of our statistics tools via your account settings:

  20. My concern has nothing to do with If I subscribe to a service and it uses cookies for its own purposes/functionality then I have no problem with that...... its the third parties that use cookies for tracking and other less than "honourable" reasons without my knowledge or express permission... works perfectly fine for me if I disable third party cookies... and enabling them just for Like functionality is not worth it. I will just live with the restriction...

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