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    I have huge problems with using other WP sites than my own at the moment – when I’m logged in to WP I’m unable to comment to other WP blogs. The pages then look like in these screenshots:

    This happens in both Firefox and Chrome (see the screenshots for specs on which version I’m running of both), but not in IE. I have tried the following:

    – Checked that I have the latest version of both browsers
    – Disabled all add-ons in both browsers
    – Cleared caches and cookies
    – Checked flash and java versions
    – Rebooted the router (I connect directly to the internet, no proxy)
    – Rebooted the computer

    I’m at my wits end here, I have been trying for days now to fix this. I REALLY don’t want to have to run IE. Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is jennysnuzie.wordpress.com.


    I’m having this problem too.



    I think this might be related to the problem many of us are having with blogs not displaying properly. They’re mostly all text with no style/theme being applied.

    On some blogs I’ve visited the main part of the page displays correctly, but then things like the comment or like sections are messed up.

    If you want to see a thread where it’s being discussed you can follow this link:




    Hi there! Have you tried clearing your browser cache ? I ask because sometimes the browser refers back to the outdated website cache. Clearing the browser cache usually clears up the issue do with the fact clearing the browser cache overwrites the corrupt browser cache with an updated version.

    by the way when i clicked this link http://jennysnuzie.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/screenshots/ the website page displayed correctly in my browser I am currently using Firefox 15.0



    As I wrote in my OP I cleared all caches and cookies. And yes, the page itself displays correctly, the issue I’m having is displayes in the screenshots that are in that post. That is the way other WP blogs look when I hit “reply”, it shows up like that.



    My apologies I was really tired when I read your post I see the thread has been modlook’d for staff to be alerted to this thread.



    Thank you. :-)

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