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Unable to "connect" with FB, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Tumblr.

  1. kimmitchelladvice

    I get this page when I try to add Tumbler or Yahoo to my "Connect" under Sharing area.

    "Invalid/missing verification nonce."

    Even my posts aren't being shared under Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. even though it's set up to do so. The only one it still shares with is Twitter. Is there an issue with WordPress...or is it because I also use my phone now? Please help. and my email is [email redacted].
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  2. Are you referring to using Publicize?
    If so have you tried the reconnection process?

  3. kimmitchelladvice

    It's under Settings, then Sharing. I disconnected Yahoo with the intent of reconnecting, but now I'm not able to connect again. :(

    It goes to a page that says only this--> Invalid/missing verification nonce.

  4. kimmitchelladvice

    And yes...the publicize button won't work. I put a checkmark next to FB and LinkedIn, but it just ignores and goes back to only Twitter. I'm not sure what else to try as far as 'reconnecting'. Help! :)

  5. It seems that wordpress is having an issue that is unresolved. I posted something earlier but nothing. Others are having problems also...

  6. kimmitchelladvice

    Thanks so much for letting me know others are having issues, too. I will stop trying for now. :)

  7. @afpulp
    Thanks so much for helping kimmitchelladvice

  8. kimmitchelladvice

    Thank you, too, timethief, for offering your suggestion.

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