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    I have several clients for whom I list used cars on a plain but attractive HTML site. As it is now, my business partner and I edit and create individual landing pages for each car manually, by copy/pasting and editing the HTML. I want to move this process over to WordPress so that we can create these pages programmatically instead of manually, thus removing the need for editing HTML altogether. (that we may hire entry level people to do this work) Per my clients, as we only list up to about thirty cars at a time, all of the cars must be listed on the front page.

    The problem comes about when I try to create a WordPress theme using Artisteer or Divine Elemente: These WISYWIG type WordPress theme creators only allow one, two and three column layouts, but for my purposes I may need up to five or six columns.

    What I think I need is a WYSYWIG WordPress theme generator (I do not know, nor do I have plans to learn PHP) that allows for way more control over the layout than I have been given.

    Please see the link below for a wireframe layout of what I am trying to accomplish. Thanks in advance for your help, and I can’t wait to resolve this soon!


    Image of wire-frame mockup that I am looking for:



    You are in the wrong forum, you can’t do this at WordPress.COM. You have to be at WordPress.ORG for a site like that.


    Ok thanks, moving this over there now.



    We can’t move threads. The two sites are completely separate. You have to post again there so just copy and paste.


    Er, that’s what I meant. Thanks.



    Oh! I’m sorry I misunderstood. Best wishes.



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