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Unable to crop an image

  1. Hello

    I am unable to crop an image I want to use as my header in my blog helenmoorhead

    I am able to upload the photo. When I go to 'edit', the crop button does not activate so I am unable to crop the photo so that it is the correct shape for the header. Can you please assist with this.

    I have a new computer and am using latest internet explorer.

    many thanks
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  2. I have exactly the same problem Helen. Have you found out what is happening?
    When I upload the picture I want to set as the Header, it prompts me to select the area I want cropped and displayed. But there is no highlighted area to select. I click on it and there's nothing. I've done it before on my site - but this time I'm helping a friend build their own site and it's got me bamboozled. Where is the shady rectangle showing me the area I will crop?! It's gone! Also, when I do it the way you did, the crop button is not active. I can't click it. What settings do I need to change? There's no screen options drop down on that page either.
    Drives me insane...

  3. Thanks for reporting this issue with cropping headers in IE9 - we are looking into it and will report back.

  4. charlottetryfan

    I am having the same problem (cannot crop uploaded images), but thought it might be a problem with my getting the Pro Bundle since it happened at the same time. Glad to read that the issue will be fixed--I use the crop feature a lot.
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  5. In the meantime, you could try another browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. Of course you could also crop the image to the correct dimensions in an image editing program prior to upload.

  7. I
    m also using IE9, and just purchased the Modern News theme and uploaded images I want to use as headers, but the "crop box" does not appear. It always did when I was using other themes, but no joy with my "new baby." But with Safari, the crop box does appear!

  8. pryan12 - that's right, the cropping of headers is currently not working in IE9 and we're aware of the issue.

    You can either use a different browser in the meantime, or crop your images first in a graphics program.

  9. I was able to crop images yesterday. I have the Oxygen theme and I can't crop any of my images. All I can do is look at them and post. Pain in the butt.

  10. Images should once again be editable in IE9 - you can crop, flip, rotate or otherwise make edits. Learn more about image editing.

    gunner226 - what browser and version are you using? If you're not sure, please go here and copy-paste what it says under Web Browser:

  11. I have Safari for Mac. I can't download IE9. What do I do?

  12. All I have is an Add Media button instead of that little button that used to be a camera. I can't crop on Firefox either.

  13. gunner226 - I just tested cropping an image in Safari 5.1.7, and it worked fine. (The bug with cropping described in this thread was only in IE9.)

    Could you please let me know what version of Safari you're running, and try updating your browser if an update is available?

  14. I have Safari 6.01. The thing is that when I press the add media button, I only have the option to resize my pictures and choose through a gallery.

  15. If you need to edit an image by cropping, flipping, resizing, or rotating it, you can do that through the Media Library. Here's how to access the image editing tools:

    Just let me know if you have any trouble with the process when following these instructions.

  16. All I can do is make a Title, write a caption, Alt text, change alignment, link it to something and change its size. I can't click on the photo to edit it. There is an edit button, but it lets me do nothing. It was working yesterday morning.

  17. It was working yesterday morning.

    Staff made changes. See >

  18. Thank you!!

  19. Oh good. That means you found this:
    You can still rotate and crop the images after they have been uploaded following this guide:

  20. An Edit Image button should now be visible on the Add Media window, just above the Delete Permanently link.

    Here's a screenshot:

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