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Unable to customize Piano Black theme.

  1. Piano Black theme info says I can customize the header and eliminate the sidebar for a full width page. The default is two columns. I cannot find a way to do that -- the option to eliminate the sidebar isn't even listed when I try to customize my page. And when I save the selection to eliminate the search feature it is still there (at the top of the right column which has the menu categories listing). Also I want to put the menu categories listing on the bottom of the new welcome page I hope to create after the first two issues mentioned above are resolved. Can you help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) PB doesn't have a no-sidebar layout for the whole blog, it has a no-sidebar template for static pages only. You can select it when you create or edit a static page.
    2) The Yes/No options in Appearance > Theme Options refer to the header area (the area where the blog title and tagline show up). The search box you're seeing is a sidebar widget. You add or remove widgets in Appearance > Widgets.
    3) PB doesn't support footer widgets. If you want links to your categories at the bottom of a welcome page, you'll have to add them manually in the content of that page.

  3. You say, 1) PB doesn't have a no-sidebar layout for the whole blog, it has a no-sidebar template for static pages only. You can select it when you create or edit a static page.

    I found that option as you said on the page edit. But I'm trying to do this on the 'posts' under my dashboard, not the pages, because . . . ah . . . I never set that up. So, how do I get my separate posts, old and new, to be under a new 'page' I will set up?

  4. See here:

    You can select the no-sidebar template for the Welcome page, but dynamic pages (main posts page, category pages, monthly archive pages) as well as single posts will display the sidebar. If you want no sidebar in general, you need a different theme.

  5. Thanks for the link. I will probably search for another theme. The most important thing is that it have the same kind of piano black background, or close to it, but without the narrow overall width, because I need to display photographs and in many cases text as well.

  6. You're welcome.
    The piano-like design can't be found on any other theme. If what you're looking for is a wide black theme, try Nishita or Modularity Lite or Chateau. They all have a "dark" option, and in all three the sidebar is optional.

  7. Okay, will check them out. Thanks again.

  8. Back again. I selected Nishita and created a test Welcome page before adding any additional pages to see if I could easily remove the sidebar column. I couldn't. I can't find any way to remove it; that option is not there as far as I can tell. And . . . second problem . . . Although I can change the color of the header and background, I cannot change the color of the TEXT in the content area. This results in text being the default (and only) gray, rather than white, like the captions. When I go into the sample section for the pay version of Nishita ($30) there are more options for changing the colors, but still nothing for text. The only way to get text to turn white (the color I want fffffff) is to trick the program so I select white for the background, then return to black; it returned with bright white text. But, of course, that may not happen after I pay $30 for the actual extras features, since they do not include a simple option for changing text colors, based on the sample. I could do this by changing code, but I doubt that is doable from my end.

  9. And now . . . I can't get the images to scale UP. There is that option, seemingly. It takes some digging but I found the 'edit' option for an individual image uploaded to a gallery on my test Welcome page. There are two basic options provided for adjusting the size: scaling and cropping. Scaling is on top and allows you to alter the ratio. So I did . . . scaling UP. Saved. Viewed the results: image is the same as before. I did it several times, hitting update button as well on the edit page, but still, no change to the image size when you try to enlarge it.
    Is that the fact? Can't scale up in Nishita if the image is already relatively large? Image One, original size is 2426 × 1906. Image Two, original size is 4180 × 5574.

  10. a) To remove the sidebar on Nishita, you simply go to Appearance > Widgets and make sure there are no widgets in Sidebar (delete them or move them to the Footer areas).

    b) The Custom Design upgrade allows you to change the default styling of any element (fonts, colors, whatever). Without the upgrade you can change the font color using code in the post/page editor. I can show you how to do this, but I would advise against it: Nishita's grey is fine, pure white on black is too blatant.

    c) The scaling tool is a crude image editor, to be used only if you don't have an image editing application. And it's designed for scaling down only. Also, it's used before inserting an image in a post. What you see on a post depends on its code, and the code doesn't change if you change something in the media library after you have created the post. In other words, forget that tool: to correct images inserted in posts/pages, you need to edit the posts/pages, not the images.
    Correcting individually inserted images or galleries is relatively easy, and I can tell you how after you link to specific examples. The WP slideshow is a different story: the max displayed width is fixed for a given theme - you can't change it.

    By the way, uploading 2426px or, worse, 4180px wide images is simply a waste of storage space. More on this after you tell me if you want or you don't want individually inserted images to link to the full-size original alone when clicked.

  11. Thanks. I have taken care of a).
    Skipping b) just for now . . .
    To focus on c)
    1) How do I edit the 'Welcome' page I've created to expand the images inserted there?
    2) Re correcting individually inserted images or galleries. I have two photos on my home page that are in a gallery. (Possibly this is a form of "slideshow" that you say cannot be adjusted. I selected 'slideshow' under 'gallery' because I did not want any of the other options listed.) This test page is at
    So this is a situation where I have NOT passed this photos through Photoshop to enlarge, rather created a situation where they are already uploaded to my WP media library as is, and then I selected them from there. I first want to see if I can make adjustments to size this way, as there are many images already uploaded that I don't want to have to spend a LOT of time resizing offline first.
    Hope this is the info you need to take a look at the page and help create a gallery slideshow that fills that space.

  12. I have already answered this question: the WP slideshow has a fixed max displayed width - you can't make it fill the whole post column.

    For full-width slideshows you can use Slideshare:

  13. Good morning. Picking up where we left off . . .

    Before abandoning WP galleries for Slideshare, as you recommend, I'd like to go back to something you said two replies back:

    "Correcting individually inserted images or galleries is relatively easy, and I can tell you how after you link to specific examples."

    I gave you this specific example: A test Welcome page with two photos included in a standard WP Gallery. If I understand your latest reply correctly, it appears that by my selecting the 'slideshow' option in gallery settings (the only one appropriate for this project) I created a gallery in which the inserted images cannot be modified.

    And yet you said it was "relatively easy to correct individually inserted images or galleries." So, how do I create a WP gallery in which inserted images can be scaled up or down? Or did you err by implyingt that was possible.

    P.S. The two photos in the test gallery at are two extremes: a high and a low res photo. Matching them by size is the goal here.

  14. Also, I wish to have each image in the gallery linkable to a separate page that will have its own gallery with the full set of photos in the series.

  15. Hi,
    No I didn't err: the confusion comes from the fact that WP recently incorporated the slideshow option in the gallery "type" options.
    "Individually inserted images" means images inserted one by one, independent of one another - as on this post of yours:
    "Gallery" normally means a group of images arranged in rows and columns, not a slideshow. For details on the gallery feature see this post (by fellow forum volunteer Jennifer):
    So: you can adjust the displayed width of individually inserted images, you can adjust the displayed width of normal gallery images, but you cannot adjust it in the case of the slideshow option.

    As for linking, images inserted via any of the gallery options (any type including slideshow) cannot be made to link to pages you select. For this purpose you need individually inserted images. See this post of mine:

  16. Okay, so I started working on all that . . . only to encounter yet another limitation. There is no way to prioritize different pages under the menu feature. First, I read up on how to do that in support, and it looked like a breeze. But Nashita, my selected theme, tells me this when I try to follow the bouncing ball: "Your theme supports 1 menu. Select which menu you would like to use." Well, that would be . . . 1. So there is choice, is there?
    I do have the capability to create a link to an off WP URL, but that's not the solution here. I need to be able to listed pages under a menu. And, not incidentally, to adjust as need be the order of pages that appears in the navigation bar at the top of the home page.
    So I went on a hunt through the WP theme park and sampled a dozen or so of the WP freebie themes, and each one has the same limitation. By now I wouldn't be surprised if even premium themes had the same limitation. But . . . maybe you or Jeniffer can point me to a theme that does allow more than 1 menu?
    And after this problem is solved, then I got another one for you. It's such a beautiful day outside, too.

  17. The "1 menu" business is yet another confusion! So now see this post of mine:

  18. But by now your questions have nothing to do with the title of this thread. So for new questions start new threads please.

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