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Unable to delete blog

  1. I 've been following the steps suggested: Options- Delete Blog- Click link in email but nope, blog still there.

    What is going on?!

  2. By the way, I 've repeated the steps just a minute ago. My blog is still there.

    *utterly confused*

  3. Send in a feedback and we'll check it out.

  4. Thanks, will do.

  5. You should be getting an email with a link to confirm your deletetion request. You may want to check this.

  6. But I have done that twice. Podz suggested I send feedback about this. I did. How long does it take usually for staff to reply to such a request?

  7. You didn't mention getting the email so I wanted to make sure. :)

    Not 100% sure on what happens on the back end. I'll check later on today for you and send in my own feedback if it's still up this afternoon.

  8. Thanks, drmike.

    Somebody please delete this blog for me!

    Podz, are you allowed to do that for me? If you are, please do so.

  9. I tried 3 times so far to delete my blog at, i followed the proper steps, i clicked on the link that is in the confirmation e-mail send to me, but nothing happens.
    Is there another way to delete my account, so as my blog will be deleted too?

  10. I'll send in a feedback as well. Not sure why there's an issue.


  11. Can I delete a blog? Yes.
    Would I do so on request? I would MUCH rather not:

    "Can I have my blog back please? I couldn't delete it so I asked Podz and he did it but I want it back and it's Podz' fault because he didn't ask me if I was really really really totally sure and he didn't tell me that I couldn't ever have it back so because it's not my fault I want my blog back."
    You might not say that but one day someone will. I may have exaggerated (a tiny tiny bit) but the principle is the same.

    Send a feedback detailing precisely what you did. Also send the confirmation email in it's entirety and it'll be looked at.

    And don't worry about it - just ignore the one you don't want?

  12. Podz, I think the issue is that this person has tried to delete his or her blog and is currently unable to.

  13. True. I've had no feedback though or a copy of the confirmation email - and without that, nothing happens.

  14. Ah, OK. I see where liberty1235 stated that he or she had.
    If they're still here, I would send in a copy of the confirmation email to support at this domain and I'm sure they'll get right on it.

  15. I 'm a she, drmike. ;)

    Yes, Podz, I didn't send in the confirmation email cause I was thinking about what you said, Like ignoring my blog instead of deleting it. I would like to give that one a try. It's just that I 've given my blog url to some people I 'm not sure I want to be in touch with. So if I post(and sometimes I just can't help myself) now my thoughts/feelings become immediately accessible to them.

    By the way, I know this is the wrong thread but...could someone please tell me why the blog stats chart stops at 80 people? What if you have 200 people browsing daily? Also, how accurate are the feed stats charts? Esp the first one?

    Thanks :)

  16. The blog stats chart expands based on the number of viewers. The one in my test blog tops out at 20 since it doesn't get a whole lot of traffic.

  17. I see. Thanks again. :)

  18. I just sent in some feedback with the latest confirmation email(tried three times to delete, got another two of those emails). Please have a look, podz, and let me know. I find the whole thing so odd.

  19. Got myself a new blog. But when I clicked on my name on this page to get to my blog, I get the deletion message of the previous one. Why is that?

    Anyone know?

  20. At the top of this tage is a link to your profile. If you click on it, you'll see your profile and a link to where you can edit it.

    Hope this helps,

  21. That was fast, thanks :)

  22. Have too much to do today and a limited time to do it in. Trying to plow through them all. :)

  23. I have exactly the same problem...initially when i read about wordpress i wanted to try out the services only..was'nt hooked on to you guys...found a few things that were short..but in india we say..kya bacche ki jaan loge..which simply means...dont kill the someone to get things whatever you guys offered was the best in its are unique in your own way...but then cant we do away with this email confirmation thing...i havent got my email link for deleting a blog ever since i tried doing the same for past 2 days...changed my email to so many alternate id's that even i feel difficult recalling..instead what you can do is keep blog active for a certain period of time before the link send by you is'nt clicked...and if clicked within that period simply dont delete the blog...or better still...some other sort of procedure may be employed...!!

  24. Maybe if you actually read the threads you're spamming in, you would have noticed the suggestions made previously. :)

  25. Spamming....??? you get me wrong buddy...i wasn't...its just the right place i needed to find my answers at...and thats what i am doing now...i am still confused as to when that link would be sent to me...? Any idea's Dr.?

  26. Any problems deleting a blog, send a FEEDBACK.
    Expect to answer questions.

    Posting to the forums on this issue is not a productive use of your time :)

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