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Unable to delete blog

  1. I tried deleting my blog but this mesage came up after I followed the link in my email.
    Cannot load mu-plugins/delete-blog.php.

  2. Volunteers on the forum are simply your fellow bloggers. We do not have back-end access just as you don't. To me it sounds like this ought to be reported via feedback (button on the top right hand corner) of any of your pages.

  3. Why I'm Unable to delete my blog also, it's very bad.

  4. Have you read the posts above? Have you sent in a feedback using the button on the top right hand corner of any of your pages?

  5. Agreed. Best bet would be to send in a Feedback from your Dashboard. As TT mentions, we have no backend access and feedback would be the best method of doing this.

    Reading a thread that you post in is also a good idea normally by the way. Shows that you're actually paying attention. :)

    Good luck,

  6. Sorry, couldn't get back to the thread for a while. I was busy doing the feedback and trying to get a staff member to delete my bog for me.

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