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Unable to delete bookmarks and categories

  1. I can't get rid of an empty category from my sidebar because when I try to delete it, I get "you don't have permission to do that". Same thing happens for links. Very annoying. Any workarounds or fixes?

  2. With the recent issues we had on the database, I'm wondering if the databases are currently locked down in some fashion. I'd wait a day myself and, if it still doesn't work, send in a feedback. When it's something to do with the database, ususally that's a backend issue and is best resolved with a feedback.

    Good luck,

  3. I think this happened before the problems too. I remember seeing the error before my blog completely vanished, for sure, but I do remember seeing some issues posted here before my blog went, so I couldn't say for certain

  4. I tried to rearrange the catagories on my sidebar but then the links all disappeared. Then I wanted to add a new category to my sidebar but same thing and it was all weird. I guess they're still working on it. I just made them Pages instead on the tabs on the top of the page. But now I see people can add comments to Pages now.

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