Unable to edit an older post

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    Why can’t I see an older post to edit? I have tried to edit an older post and an older page, and neither’s text show up in the edit box.

    The blog I need help with is intownwriter.wordpress.com.


    And, if the community doesn’t have the answer, how do I get to a WordPress Help person?



    What is the actual URL of the post in question? Did you create that post? What is your level of access at that blog, ie author, editor, admin?


    THANKS for replying!

    It’s my blog and I’m the only person with permissions. I created the post(s) a couple of years ago. But when I click to edit it and look for the text, the box is empty AND it won’t let me cut-and-paste or even type in new text.

    I’ve taken the posts and pages down, so I can’t give you the URL, but the overall blog is here:


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