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Unable to edit my menu

  1. victoriajarmanjewellery

    I've just set up a WordPress site and have changed themes a few times trying to decide on the right one. At some point along the way I have lost the ability to edit my menu - I can no longer add or remove menu tabs or create drop down menus that had previously been working without any problems. I have tried deleting my menu altogether and re-setting it up but it just doesn't register on my site.

    Is there anything obvious I'm missing or settings I can change?


    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. victoriajarmanjewellery

    Ah, I have just figured out what I was doing wrong - I knew it would be something obvious and I would figure it out the instant I posted a question! (I hadn't re-assigned my primary navigation - doh!)

    However, I have another question which I definitely don't know the answer too -

    On my drop down menu, how do I stop the menu button itself being a link? For example, I have 'Categories' on my main menu but I don't want the word 'Categories' itself to be a link to a new page, I just want it to be a way of navigating to the posts within it when I hover over it.

    I've created the menu tabs as pages but can't see how to 'turn it off' as an actual page in the menu. I tried adding it to my menu but then removing the Navigational Link but that just automatically removed it from the menu.

    I hope this makes sense!


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