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    When I click on an image (that I’ve linked to the page) while composing a blog, there are two option boxes/images that come up, one to edit the image and one to delete. I used to click that to pull up an editing page where I could scale the image done 90%, 80%, etc. change the alignment and edit the caption. Now when I click it the two boxes just disappear. Is there some other way to edit the images? This is happening on all my new blog posts this week, both the ones that have been posted and the drafts. The images don’t always fit properly on the page if I can’t correct the sizing. HELP!

    The blog I need help with is lynnemedsker.wordpress.com.


    Switch the post editor to HTML, delete the height command from the image code, change the number in the width commands, click Update. In the theme you’re using, maximum width for captioned images should be 448.



    Well that sort of worked, although I got a wider border on a couple of images when I did that. I don’t understand why the button that WordPress provides, and I’ve always clicked on and used, isn’t functioning. I can resize future images to 448 before I upload them but right now I’ve got five posts written, ready to post next week that are all full of images. Instead of the quick & easy button I’m used to I’m going to have to either resize them the way you suggested or resize and re-upload all of them. What a pain!



    In the visual editor, you can just drag the corners to resize, although there is a distortion/fuzziness factor.


    Raincoaster is right. It’s better to upload copies of your images downsized to the desired dimensions, because images downsized by WP lose some color and sharpness – see here:


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