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Unable to edit widgets

  1. I am unable to edit the widgets in my sidebar (I was able to do so before). The error report tells me:

    Line: 455
    Char: 4
    Error: 'Draggables' is undefined
    Code: 0

    - and so forth. Same result with IE7 and FF.


  2. Report it through feedback and ask one of the powers that be to have a look for you. I don't think there's anything we can do to help.

    Which widget is it?

  3. I would if I could, but clicking on feedback gives me an "effect is undefined" error in the error report.

    It's all of the widgets, btw. Can't click or drag them.

  4. WP's not have a good time this morning is it! ;)

    you can send email to support at wordpress dot com.

    What browser are you using? TPTB have suggested previously that Safari doesn't play "nice" with WP and recommend using FF or Opera. I know you've already tried the widgets in both, just sharing this for information.

    Have you tried clearing your cache/cookies etc?

  5. Yup, I tried clearing the cache, but to no avail. I did send in a support request, but I was hoping I might find a speedier answer here. I suspect the problem may be related to the the new design. Thanks for the help.

  6. This issue may be related to my connection via proxy server, since everything works perfectly when I connect via dial-up. One of the good people from Support asked if I was using http:// or https:// in the address bar (http is supposed to be the correct address, whereas https is not), but since I *was* using http, I tried changing it to https to see what would happen and (surprise, surprise!) the problem went away.

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