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Unable to edit with Opera 9.26

  1. If I try and create a New Post or edit an existing one I can't click in the main textbox to edit/add any text.
    This has only happened since this morning following what appear to be some ajax'y additions to the Create new Post and Edit Post pages.

    Is anyone else experiencing these problems or has had these problems in the past?
    (everything works in IE6)

  2. either remove any "site preferences" for any of the sites within a domain and turn JavaScript ON globally, or disable it all -- in this case it should fall back to the regular non-RTE WP textarea.

    or better yet disable RTE at all somewhere in the settings within admin.

  3. Both suggestions seem to work, but I'd rather not turn on javascript globally and I'd like to be able to use the ajexy stuff.
    Why doesn't making Site Preferences for just work?
    (Currently trying to find other javascript references)

  4. I dunno, actually it looks like there's some insidious opera bug: sometimes global JS setting overrides the one set in the "site preference" for the external JS files.

    seems to be fixed in the 9.5beta, persists in the latest 9.26

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