Unable to enlarge thumbnail pictures

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    Hello, I suddenly realised that picture I uploaded recently which were under ‘thumbnails or ‘medium’ do not get enlarged when I click on them on in the real post.

    Previously whenever I click on a picture under thumnails I get directed to a sub-page which shows the picture in its actual size, but now I can’t even click on the pictures.

    Any idea why?

    The blog I need help with is nickeoaddict.wordpress.com.


    Make sure when you insert images that you click “file URL” before you click “insert into post”. Once you make that choice wordpress will remember it until you change it.

    For currently inserted images that you wish to have linked to the full sized image, open the post, click on the image, then click on the “edit image” link at the upper left of the image, click on “link to image” and then click the update button and then click the “update post” button.



    BLESS YOU! This is perfect.

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