Unable to find Social Connect for FB, twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn in twenty 11

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    I am unable to find Social Connect icons for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn in Twenty Eleven theme.

    I need to add links of these social networks so that people can also like my page.
    My blog is a not a self hosted one.

    Please help.

    The blog I need help with is jaspalfa.wordpress.com.



    I’m having the same problem with Coraline. I deleted my LinkedIn icon/badge a couple of days ago inadvertently, and now I can’t find a way to replace it.

    My WordPress site is http://thcommunications.net/



    This is NOT a theme dependent issue at all. See here please: http://en.support.wordpress.com/sharing/



    How did you have it appear in the first place? A badge is just an image. Did you capture an image, upload it into your blog and display it in a text widget? Also how could you possibly display a widget on a blog you have set up to have full page display and no widgets?



    Thanks, Timethief.

    Until recently, I had a photo of myself on one of the pages and the LinkedIn badge appeared under my photo. At the time I put it there — a few months ago — I remember there was a selection of various sizes of LinkedIn badges to choose from on WordPress. I went to the link you suggested — http://en.support.wordpress.com/sharing/ — but I’m not sure this is what I need. I just want people to click the link to go to my LinkedIn profile. I’m sure I can create the link manually but thought there used to be an easy way to do it via WordPress. Also, I do understand that I will need an image or another column in order to display the badge.

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