Unable to Follow, Like or Comment on self-hosted WP blogs.

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    Unable to “Follow” “Like” or comment on self-hosted WP blogs.

    Although I am logged on to my own account, I am asked to log on through a drop down. I fill in the boxes with my account name and password, hit enter, then I’m right back to square one – asked to log on again. It doesn’t work.

    I block third party cookies, but WP’s cookies are allowed.

    I understand from previous Support posts that this was a problem several months ago that was fixed.

    I wrote a similar question a few weeks ago that wasn’t responded to. That was the first time this has happened.

    I hope to reach a Staff Member this time as having to repeatedly type the same question is a huge accessibility issue for me. I am severely disabled.

    In other words, if a “volunteer” finds this question first would you please pass it along to a professional staff person for response rather than demand it to be repeated several times as I try to word it in a manner that is understandable to you, or block it because I do not.

    Thank you very much.
    Blog url: http://cathicarolblog.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is cathicarolblog.wordpress.com.


    People, sorry, apparently I have no idea how this works, because I’ve never used forums before. I always go straight for the professional question-answerers.

    I am using this forum now due to WP having removed the ability to contact their Help Staff directly. Perhaps these forum questions don’t reach them, either. I have no idea.

    Me a n00b. Sorry.



    No worries. If you don’t have paid upgrades, you get sent straight to the forums. Now, to answer your questions…

    Self-hosted WP.org blogs have nothing whatsoever to do with WP.com. They’re using a different kind of software and are not a part of this network at all. Therefore, if one of those blogs restricts comments to only registered commenters, you have to register with that blog itself. Your WP.com ID will not be recognized.

    If you are talking about a blog that has enabled Gravatars/WP.com ID’s and you are having this problem then yes, it’s an ongoing problem. There has been no fix. I suggest you log out of WP.com and try to comment using a different option, like Name/URL if possible.


    Dear raincoaster,

    Thank you! In my noobosity was imagining some sort of restricted hierarchy, like with a pro Support team.

    That explains about the self-hosted blogs, that you so much. I will check the next one I find I want to follow to see how this works.

    Thank you again. Very kind!



    You’re welcome.

    Staff used to respond to all Help requests they received via the dashboard; now they’re so swamped they only respond to ones from people with paid upgrades.

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