Unable to follow, like, or comment on some blogs

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    On several blogs I am unable to like or comment on posts. A dialogue box appears when I hit Like, asking for a username and password. I give poetmcgonagall and the password that works perfectly when logging onto my own blog, but WP keeps bouncing me out, insisting either the username or password is invalid. Same for leaving comments. Extremely frustrating.

    This occurs both on blogs where we we follow each other and in blogs where they have followed me and I wish to return the favour. Two examples.

    I follow Catherine McCallum’s blog and she follows mine, but I can’t like or leave comments: http://catherinemccallum.com/
    Curnblog follows me, but I can’t follow them back, like, or leave comments: http://curnblog.com/

    Is it my imagination or is it no longer possible to contact the “Happiness Engineers” directly?

    The blog I need help with is beautifulrailwaybridgeofthesilverytay.wordpress.com.


    The wordpress.com Like button can only be used by logged in users – that is people with a wordpress.com blog or gravatar. So you have to log in to your blog account first, then go to the blog where you want to click the Like button.

    As for commenting problems, I’ve some info and tips about how to get round this problem in the first part of this page in my own blog, that might help.


    As for not being able to contact happiness engineers directly, this might help:

    To contact WordPress.com staff, directly, go to this page:


    Notice, you won’t see a contact form. That’s because they want you to go through hoops first, but it is there. If the suggestions given on the page are of no use to you, what you need to do is click the ‘I didn’t find the right answer’ button, and then you’ll be presented with a small form. Be aware that that is not the contact form. What you need to do is to type a few words to do with your problem into the space given and then click the ‘I still didn’t find the right answer’ button . Next, you’ll be shown the contact form. Make sure you fill in the fields correctly – particularly make sure that the blog URL (web address) is for the blog you’re enquiring about. If it isn’t, click the little down arrow by the side of the URL that is showing and choose the correct one. If it’s not about your blog, then you’ll have to mention it in the content of your query.

    Something to bear in mind is that it might take several days for Staff to get back to you. Also, if you contact them on a weekend you won’t hear from them til after it – Staff on WordPress.com rarely work here on weekends. This is true, also, of the forums.

    To help them deal with your issue more efficiently, follow this advice:


    and, before using their contact form, particularly read the info pertaining to that.


    Thanks for the advice about comments. I still have to try that. The initial problem with likes and comments, though, is that I am logged into my WP account when this happens. So perhaps a problem for those shy, retiring, happiness engineers.


    Okay, I’ll mark this for staff to look at.


    Someone already has…





    I see you’ve been able to post comments to blogs and follow other blogs recently, including to the one you mentioned.

    Is this a new problem or has your issue been resolved?



    Can I add to this with my problems for members on my site having these headaches as above or do I start my own?

    It has been a nightmare since transferring a site via your 129 dollar guided transfer service. My site has all but collapsed working.

    My site is aussiecriminals.com.au and nobody has replied to my emails (using ref number they gave) since yesterday.

    It is extremely stressful watching a site I have spent 2 years building up with thousands of visitors fall apart…

    I urgently need assistance please…Does anybody work in the offices?



    The problem is ongoing. If you’re referring to Catherine McCallum’s blog, I am occasionally ably to post comments, but with a great deal of trial and error, and never with my WP username and password. Next time I try the problem returns, and it’s not obvious what allowed me to do it in the first place.

    Thing is, I should be able to follow, like, and leave comments on other WP blogs when I’m logged into my own blog. That does not happen in some cases.



    Hi poet

    I am certain this is a widespread problem they are not admitting to yet surely. How can it all be the users problems, when all they have done is kept doing what they have always done to post or comment?

    The lack of assistance is appalling

    all the best with your site



    Since you are able to comment some of the time, it sounds like it could be one of two issues:

    1) You may not actually be logged in when you try to post. If you use the email address associated with WordPress.com when you are commenting, you will have to log in each time you want to make a comment, which is a change we made a few months ago.

    2) This could be a cookie issue, especially if it’s intermittent. Make sure you have third-party cookies enabled.

    The next time either of you have issues commenting, please document what your error message is and send us screenshots. The more details we have, the easier it will be to troubleshoot the issue.



    Hi Jackie, are you referring to all of us or one in particular? How do I put a screenshot on here?

    if you are referring to me I do have 3rd party cookies enabled, as always.

    Why change to having make people log in EVERY time that is crazy?

    Short term I want a clear cut solution that I can give my many members in trouble, not much to ask.

    I have sent them to guided transfer guys and im not getting any response, it is a very slow process. The site is riddled with problems. I have a mod who can log into old wordpress.com address, but not the new domain even though I can see here there.and I have given here the same credentials as wordpress.The list is just growing,

    Im very upset this is happening to my site ive spent thousands of hours building the last few years.It has a very strong community and they are all having issues getting on. Tell me that is my fault? Had a few problems with comments and logging in in the past 2 years and now all this in 5 days…

    I do at least appreciate you responding, as the people assigned to me have gone walkabout. I paid for nothing, Im having to deal with all these issues myself



    All WordPress.com and Gravatar users who wish to comment on a blog using the email address associated with their WordPress.com/Gravatar account must be logged in to post a comment. This is a security feature we added to verify users’ identities, and to prevent people from posting comments as someone else.

    Going back to your comments issue, if you are having issues logging into your site or there are other technical problems with the commenting process, we would like to assist you, but we do need a more specific description of the issue you’re having so we can troubleshoot it further.

    For what it’s worth, this issue shouldn’t have anything to do with Guided Transfer. If you’re having other problems with your site, it might be best to tackle that in a separate forums post or support ticket.

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