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Unable to get an account--no confirmatory e-mail.

  1. A friend has tried to obtain an account many times, but has never received a confirmation e-mail. His e-mail address is [email redacted]. Can you help him?

  2. Has he checked in his email client spam/junk mail folder?

  3. Yes. Many times.

  4. What username did you try to sign up for?

  5. It was a username that was accepted by the "register" page. Everything looked good, but no confirmatory e-mail.

  6. Ok, but I'll need to know the username to look it up.

  7. rsavit. When that didn't work, he also tried rssavit.

  8. We have no pending signups under those names, so please feel free to try registering again.

  9. OK, he just tried it again with rsavit. No e-mail so far.

  10. We still do not have any pending signups for rsavit.

    Where is he registering at?

  11. It doesn't seem to be getting through.

    Please ask them to try a different browser for now:

  12. He has tried it from 3 different browsers on 3 different computers and nothing works. Every time he tries to sign up, he clicks on the "signup" button for the basic (free) service. It goes gray after he clicks on it, but there is no other page that appears after that. Is that normal? Is there a problem with your signup page?

  13. No, signups are flowing in at the normal rate, a bit high for the weekend actually.

    Which browsers (and versions of) has be tried?

  14. Firefox, chrome and explorer, all for windows, all the latest versions. Tried on 3 different machines.

  15. Are you sure that "rsavit" is being entered?

    Signups are actually flowing in at a faster rate than normal today with the Tumblr/Yahoo announcement, but we still have nothing for a "rsavit".

  16. Yes. That is the username that he is entering. His e-mail address, which is at gmail is slightly different than rsavit, but rsavit is the username he is entering for wordpress. I can give you all the information off-line if you want. This is quite mystifying.

  17. What is the email address?

    Just enter it here in the normal format (without altering) and the forum will filter it out so only I can see it.

  18. [email redacted]

  19. We have absolutely nothing under that email address either.

    The multiple computer that you have tried this one, are they all running similar ad blocker or security software?

    With signups flowing in at a very fast rate today, there's definitely no issue on our end that I can see.

  20. The last attempt was from a computer and browser which I used several months ago to set up my wordpress account, which worked ok. Is there anyway for you to set this up for him. He can then change the password?

  21. Alternatively, can I set up a second account for him from my e-mail address and later change the associated e-mail address?

  22. No, accounts at need to be setup by the user, and we only allow one account per email address.

    If you're using Gmail yourself, you could setup the account for him with a Gmail alias, then change the email address later:

  23. let me undestand: I can set up an additional account using [email redacted] and later change the e-mail address associated with that wordpress account to his e-mail address. Is that right?

  24. That's correct. :)

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