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    For the past three days, when I log in, it tells me some error. And I am unable to go to my dash board, nor am I able to go to new post. But when I comment on a site, I am logged in as in the comment is in my name. But whereas I have no access to edit my blog. The erro message I get is as follows

    “The site is redirecting in a way which is never possible. this might also occure if the browser isnt accepting the cookies”

    But I checked up with the cookies and stuff, thats not the problem. Is the problem with wordpress server? please let me know quickly. Thanks a million.


    Me too! What’s the answer



    Which browser?

    Letting you know “quickly” is going to be up to how quickly one of the key masters checks in the forum.

    I suspect it’s a problem and I’ll try and let the team know through feedback (as you obviously can’t as you can’t get to your dashboard…)




    Are you still having this problem? I fixed a bug this morning that may have been causing this.

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