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    A brief history: I have purchased a custom domain in wordpress.com under the name weirdtalesdesigns.com with the though that I have the option to install my own template.
    After reading at the support section here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/themes/adding-new-themes/ that “You can move your WordPress.com blog to a web host that allows editing and uploading of completely custom themes” , I choose a hosting plan in godaddy.com suitable for wordpress.

    When the setup was ready I installed the WordPress application ( https://hostingconnection.godaddy.com/Application/WordPress.aspx ) but I still didn’t see any Install button at the Appearance section in Dashboard.
    I have been told that this happened because the domain I purchase was hosting fro free at the WordPress, SO I applied for a domain transfer at godaddy.com, and after all these I received a failure message back that the domain is new and I have to wait 60 days to complete the transfer.

    What can I do to have an urgent transfer. I really need to set up my site. Is it so hard???

    Sorry for my poor English. I’m really desperate.

    The blog I need help with is weirdtalesdesigns.com.




    Hello Airodyssey and thanks for your replies,
    I have already check the page you sent me. It says somewhere: “Note: You may not transfer a domain name for 60 days after its purchase, renewal, nameserver change, or any contact information change. It is a rule set by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and standard across all registrars. ”

    So, is anything I can do? :(



    You can change where the name-servers point at any time – I have one domain I changed the name-servers 4 times in less than a week from the time I registered the domain. Having the domain registered here should not slow down your getting a WordPress.ORG install up and running.



    @weirdtalesdesigns, did you only read the support document, or did you also read my response? https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/how-to-upload-a-template-theme?replies=13#post-659679


    Omg, I’m so frustrated. I’m totally newbie at this. So, if I have to do the procedure described here http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/domain-management/#update-nameservers‘ , to update the nameservers, what should I write as new nameservers?

    @airodyssey I have read both the support document and your response to me, I understand what you are saying to me, but I don’t know how to do that :(

    I would appreciate any help



    Ask godaddy for the nameservers and enter them on the domain management dashboard as per the Support doc airodyssey pointed to. Follow it step-by-step, one step at a time.


    Good morning everyone,
    I told godaddy support all the brief history of my problem, and they response was: <i> Research into your issue indicates that you need to contact your domain registrar and have them do what is called a “Zone Refresh.” This is done when your Nameservers are not reporting properly. Once this has been done, you can use the information here to set your nameservers.</i>

    Do you know how to do that? I already searched on forum but I couldn’t find something relative.

    Thank you all



    I’m going to tag this thread for Staff assistance. I’m sure they will assist in getting you sorted out. Good luck!



    Actually, your nameservers haven’t been changed yet.

    Please follow this guide to change your nameservers: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/domain-management/#update-nameservers

    You’ll need to get the correct nameserver values from GoDaddy.


    @justjennifer, If that will help, yes please do
    @macmanx, so no deed to do the “Zone Refresh” that godaddy told me to? Concerning the nameservers I just changed them.

    And now what? :S


    @weirdtalesdesigns, sorry this process was so frustrating to you! DNS changes can be tricky sometimes if you dont’ know exactly what to change or what to ask for when you call your web host.

    I looked up your WordPress.com account and I see that you registered weirdtalesdesigns.com and that you updated the name servers to NS75.DOMAINCONTROL.COM and NS76.DOMAINCONTROL.COM, but I’m not sure those are the correct settings. When updating name servers, you need to find out from your host what the settings should be. The name server settings should be listed in your web hosting account though, so you should be able to find them without too much trouble. Can you please do the following?

    1. Go to GoDaddy.com and log in to your Account Manager.
    2. Go to My Products → Web Hosting.
    3. Click the Launch button next to the hosting account. This should pull up the Hosting Control Center.
    4. In the DNS section, click “View.”
    5. Copy the name servers and make sure those are the ones setup in your WordPress.com domain manager or paste them here and I will help you make the update.

    I’m sure we can help you get your domain setup how you want! But we do need to know your hosting name servers first, and that info needs to be provided by your web host.


    Regarding a “Zone Refresh”, I’m pretty sure that re-updating the name servers will refresh everything but I will double check on that. Also, do keep in mind that every time you make any changes to DNS, that information gets sent to a set of master databases and it takes time for various internet service providers to pick up those changes and that’s why there is a delay from the time you change the settings to when you can see the settings start to work. How long it takes depends on how often your ISP updates against the master databases and whether they use caching for that information and how long it takes for those kinds of things to update.


    @designsimply here is the nameservers from the DNS section:

    Preview DNS: Enabled Preview My Site
    A Record:

    It’s the same, right? Plus, when I updated the nameservers in wordpress (more than 5 hours ago) the weirdtalesdesigns.com it shows a message “This page is parked free, courtesy of Automattic”
    Why all these happening to me??? :)


    @designsimply is it permitted to direct contact you, if it’s ok with you too?


    Ah, this is helpful! So, the nameservers and A records are different things. Different hosts have different requirements so it’s always a good idea to ask your host exactly what DNS you need to update (for anyone else reading this thread).

    @weirdtalesdesigns, I think we’ve got http://weirdtalesdesigns.com/ sorted for you now (we added the A record). It’s working for me. Is it working for you?


    @designsimply Yes it’s working again! I don’t now what you done, or I did, but thank you so much. I truly appreciate it.

    Oooh my! The Install tab is also there!!!!!!!!!! Awww that incredible!!


    l LOVE YOU GUYS!!!



    Yay! I love happy endings!

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