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    can’t leave a comment on other blogs that aren’t wordpress. this has been a problem for approx. 48 hours, the blogs are ones I leave comments on a regular basis, know the authors and it applies to ALL non-wordpress blogs.

    The blog I need help with is onesmallstitch.wordpress.com.



    This is always a problem for me when attempting to comment on blogspot (Blogger) blogs. If the blogger has chosen to have Username and URL then you will have no difficulty. If they choose to use OpenID you may still have difficulty. If you get a Blogger account you can use it to leave comments with.

    Have you tried any browser troubleshooting just in case that’s what’s causing the issue? Clearing your browser cache and cookies may work http://en.support.wordpress.com/browser-issues/#clear-your-cache-and-cookies
    If your browser is not up to date, you can upgrade any browser version here.


    I’ve been having the same issue too and for the last 3-4 days. I’ll go to leave a comment, use my AIM or Name/URL to post and the entire comment disappears without posting.



    If you have not been in contact with bloggers who have Blogger blogs they you won’t be aware that the problem is on their end, with their software, and the Blogger Staff need to fix it.



    OOPS! I clicked too soon. I meant to add that this is not a WordPress.com issue. It’s a Blogger issue.


    Hmmm…interesting. Thanks!



    You’re welcome. I was updated on the situation by email from some Blogger bloggers who have been going crazy with this for 3 – 4 days now.



    Just as an FYI. There have been email notification issues for several days, in several ways. I had wondered in the begining if support maybe was receiving blank notification emails too.
    I just received a mesage from “happiness engineer” after being in communications this last week with him concerning the problems I was having. The issues I complained about (ie: email notification failures) all last week should now be fixed per “happiness” a little over an hour ago.

    A partial fix had taken place yesterday for the isues I was having and I am looking forward to a complete resolution hopefully today.
    I have to say I have found everyone I have communicated with extremely personable and kind. Not bad for serving so many bloggers with such few staff.
    I am not a paid promotor I promise. ;) Just the facts.


    thanks everyone for the response, I’ve been away and thought it might be my problem. hopefully it will be corrected soon.

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