Unable to leave HTTPS mode

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    When I Activated HTTPS mode, I am unable to leave the mode. i Just get this error: ERROR: Sorry, you cannot reuse a password you have used recently. I didn’t even want to change my password! What do I do!?



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    Can you please try clearing out your cache? Do you also encounter this issue in a different browser? Internet Explorer Google Chrome?

    To disable HTTPS, uncheck the ‘Browser Connection’ checkbox in your Personal Settings.


    1: I encounter this problem in Internet explorer (Though its in school and it’s outdated), Safari (Same situation), and Google Chrome (On my computer, up to date). I have yet to try Firefox (Also on my computer).
    2: I will try emptying my Chrome Cache and disabling HTTPS again later on today.
    3: I Tried disabling it again and what happens? I get the same, ridiculous error! Like I said, I’ll try with a Empty-Cached Chrome later on today.


    Ok, I changed my password in conjunction with the HTTPS, but now I realize, i can’t change back my password for the next little while! How long do I have to wait untill i can re use my old password again?


    Never mind! all better now! Thanks for your help!

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