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    I’ve noticed that other people’s blogs can be reached by clicking on their avatar and also their title name. For example, if there is a recent comments widget on the blog, clicking either the avatar or the commenter’s name in there will lead you to their blog. However, mine doesn’t do this. Hovering over either hotspot actually brings up a dialogue box that says the ‘url does not exist and cannot be loaded’. Everything else on my blog is fine.

    Please tell me what’s wrong!



    Check in users > your profile and make sure that your blog URL is in the “website” field. Remember that for your blog to be automatically linked to your username, you have to be logged in, and also that it works only on blogs hosted at wordpress.com, not self-hosted wordpress blogs using the software from wordpress.org (typically they have “powered by WordPress in the footer of the blog). WordPress.com blogs typically have “blog at WordPress.com in their footers.

    Also note that this change (if your blog URL isn’t presently in the website field) will not be retroactive.



    I realized that the name link works on this forum page; the problem is likely only happening on my Recent Posts widget. I still don’t understand why!


    You have two different profiles. The one for your blog (users > your profile) and your blog profile (“view your profile” at the top of the forum page). Changing one does not change the other.



    The wordpress blog url is there :/



    Can you give us a link to where this is happening? Or just drop a comment on my blog and I’ll check it out. Sounds very unusual.



    Wait, are you saying it happens to everyone on your blog, or you on other people’s blogs?


    That should have said, “The one for your blog (users > your profile) and your forum profile (“view your profile” at the top of the forum page).


    Check in your admin under users > my profile. Your URL there is incomplete.



    You’re right: on your link I see “http:///” Very strange. Try deleting “Website” under your profile, just take the blog out, hit Update, then put it back in manually and hit Update again. Leave a comment to test.



    it’s happening on recent comments widgets on any blog. For example, on my blog:

    on my recent comments widget, I can access everone’s blog by clicking their avatar and name, but mine do not work.

    There seems to be no problem linking my bog to my name on this forum page, though.
    Note: I don’t know if this is only my problem or a problem for other people. I’m concerned because I can’t explain it.

    Thsacredpath: I understood :)

    Thank for your quick responses!



    Thesacredpath: I checked in both the users>my profile, as well as just the users page. The url is complete in both instances.

    Raincoaster: Did as directed. the weird http:/// won’t go away though!

    Maybe it’s just a random anomaly?



    Raincoaster! It worked!

    Thanks so much :)



    You’re welcome. Sometimes the simplest solutions work for no reason we know.


    I gotta get a bigger hammer for wordpress. ;-))

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