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    Why am I unable to add links? I’m not sure how to word this correctly, but I cannot click on to the icon for adding links for some reason. Anyone have a clue what’s going on.




    Instead of teasing us (*yuk* *yuk* *yuk* :), you may want to tell us what you are doing so we can help you. Also where are you trying to add in these links. Specifics are needed for us to help you.




    “cannot click on to the icon for adding links”

    I get things like this. For me the answer is patience. Take a break, come back and try again.

    If you are using the wysiwyg text editor, then highlight the text that you want to anchor your link to by pressing down on the left or appropriate mouse button and dragging the highlighting across that text; then take your finger off that button and go to the link icon and click on that to get the box to put the url in. Follow all the instructions there. Be patient.

    Or, search this forum for how to do it using the html editing.



    tease: select some text before clicking on the icon for adding a link. You can also try using the Ctrl-K keyboard short cut for new link.

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