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Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.

  1. categorythreetheatre

    Trying to acces my blog, the admin page and other aspects of Word Press but the page won't load and I receive a message that says:

    "No Data Received"

    On clicking for more info it just then states:

    "Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.
    Error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE"

    Any idea how to resolve this anyone please?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL of the blog in question please?
    This one loads without any problems for me

  3. amandapayne2013

    I've been having this problem both with accessing my own blog and other people's. I'm using chrome. My blog is
    Sometimes it works and sometimes I get the 'No Data Received' error message

  4. I too get the error 404 message and sometimes have to reload my page before it shows. The main problem I have is not being able to preview my drafted posts (waiting publishing). My third party cookies are enabled. I get the same problem on Chrome as I do on IE. Does anyone have a solution that works?

  5. Been having the same problems. Cant access my blog ( and can't get to any other wordpress blogs either.

    Getting the same error message as well. I thought it might be something wrong with Chrome but asked other people I've asked say they can get on to it just fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  6. Some ISPs have been known to block for various reasons. Perhaps you're all in the same country/on the same ISP?

  7. Same problem here . I've tried Firefox. Chrome and IE - same problem .

    I'm in Britain on Talk Talk . it did the same yesterday but it corrected itself but back again today . I can get in but can't connect to dashboard .

  8. amandapayne2013

    I'm in Britain on Talk Talk too....I'm seeing a link here

  9. Yes I'm on Talk Talk as well...

  10. Okay, now you need to contact your ISP and tell them this is a problem. They can change this: can't.

  11. Now that is odd, I am on Talk Talk too! I have not encountered any problems of this nature until quite recently

    Shirley Anne

  12. Anybody any idea who I can contact . I doubt if I'll get very far with the normal Talk Talk call centre (Talk Talk customers will understand) .

    It seems strange i can log in to the forum but not to the dashboard .

  13. Seems to be working OK now and i can take a 5 second survey on the dashboard . Happy Days .

  14. Okay, I have the same issue, and was directed here by time thief. So... do I need to call TalkTalk?

  15. Okay, now you need to contact your ISP and tell them this is a problem. They can change this: can't.

  16. I am having the same problem not being able to review my posts and getting page not found message - I am also with talktalk, looks like a pattern is emerging here...wouldn't dream of calling talktalk call centre however, they're awful, so not sure what to do?

  17. hello,

    I work with a company that partners with opal/talk talk, so am raising the issue now on behalf of users here.


  18. okay fault has now been logged and taken to second line support, which means, opal/talk talk now know about it.

    my people were able to duplicate the issue, so have first hand knowledge of the problem.


  19. seems to be okay now

  20. Hi Laurence

    Thanks for your help, unfortunately my problem is persisting. It's a minor one but I can't preview my posts, this may or may not have anything to do with talk talk. All I know is everything was working fine 2 days ago and now it's gone a bit temperamental. I haven't changed anything on my i say it's a small but slightly irritating issue. Any further help much appreciated. Mike

  21. amandapayne2013

    Hi Laurence

    Thank you for taking on Talk Talk! The problem seems to be fixed now. I'm sure others would agree when I say we use Talk Talk because its cheap not for the standard of its customer care.

    Best wishes

  22. My problem is still there I'm afraid. Still can't get on to any WordPress blog.

  23. Hi everyone, thank you for reporting this issue. For those of you who are still experiencing problems, we are investigating and I will keep you posted here.

  24. I have two WordPress accounts and continue to experience difficulties with one of them (unfortunately it is the one I need to work on). I am with Talk Talk Business who are not open on the weekends!

  25. I can no longer even view my site admin, homepage or anything other than the reader and stats pages....seems to be getting worse...

  26. Both accounts are now inoperable.

  27. What happens now is I sign in and get directed to the dashboard, so far so good but if I click onto my site from there I get sent back to the sign-in page as if I hadn't signed in and to get back to the dashboard I have to sign in again! My original problem with not being able to preview my posts is still there.
    Shirley Anne

  28. By the way I am at

    Shirley Anne

  29. optimumtrajectoryphotography

    Same problem - guess what, we are with Talk Talk...

  30. optimumtrajectoryphotography

    Getting beyond a joke, as its now even banning me from looking at this support page - taken 5 attempts to get it to load...

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