Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.

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    Since yesterday, if anything, for me it has got worse than ever!

    So many blogs that won’t load, refused access to my own, and I’ve figured out that the blogs I follow that won’t allow me to comment – telling me I’m logged out and I don’t follow these in the first place – all have the square adverts at the bottom of the page… Such as on:


    I don’t know if these are all “paid for” blogs, but of all the intermittent problems over the past week-plus this one seems constant.


    I’m on the verge of shooting my computer, I’m so sick to death of this!! I hope the engineers are correct when they said the problem has now been resolved and things should be back to normal ‘soon’. I agree with frivolousmonsters, it’s WORSE today, not better! Argh! Sorry. Rant over. I’m off to meditate and calm down.



    Everything is now OK for Myself, thankyou.



    CORRECTION TO PREVIOUS – there are still major problems, especially OVERWRITING changes to draft by REVERTING TO EARLIER text!! (This is new to me).

    All looked ok on editing screen – even able to preview at long last – and ran off hardcopy to check and edit. I found changes to mid-section of 2700 word piece done late morning were not incorporated into new draft’s copy as amended and saved!! GRRRR!!

    SO I had to re-edit , but I checked thru’ revisions, found what I’d done and copy/pasted that into middle of my work and retyped from there. I then saw the next saved version’s difference to my work was that it had GONE BACK to original text – MOST ALARMING!

    Also, this afternoon I started getting logged out every time I changed screen.

    As the improvements started falling down late morning into lunch-time could it be attributed to USA coming online?? I wonder? Could that be a clue for you engineers?



    No change for me and neither of us can create a new blog, persistence allows us to access all other parts of WordPress eventually, but the “create a new blog” is totally inaccessible.



    I have the same problem as all others on this topic. I can access admin on my earlier websites but not on the most recent one I was working on today. I am also with talktalk, with the usual intermittent BB connection. I have tried opening in Moz. Firefox but no better result there. Apart from completely scrapping the whole thing and just keeping the domain, is there anything else one can do?



    There is no improvement, but most people are not losing data, and everything is accessible some of the time and WP are on it. I presume that situation could go on for weeks or even years if the problem is deeply embedded in scattered servers. I’m not holding my breath.


    No change for me so far, fingers crossed it will work soon.



    I’m sure it will. My guess was that it could be buggy for a lot longer.

    But not to stop normal use.


    Amandalannon – I can’t create a new blog but managed to move an old one I no longer use to a new address. Result!
    But I agree everything is still very wobbly. I am getting stuff done by moving from one browser to another and various other workarounds, just persisting until I find a way in.
    Strikes me this will run and run. Very dispiriting.
    Ali B


    Me and my wife are having the same issue; is it known what’s causing it..?



    The is in response to @justjennifer and @timethief. I had subscribed to this thread. However, I was able to view this thread twice. The first time was when I came on to see, if I received a response to my issues/questions. The second time, is when I found my response. I never received a response via email. When I went to reply, the link said 403 Forbidden. I’m not sure what this code means. I could no longer access the link. Somehow I’ve started back receiving the email notifications now. Your suggestion was to open a new thread. Your comment, was that my issues does not relate. All these issues that everyone are having are related. It impedes one or more person’s from accessing/connecting to fellow WordPress blogs, leaving comments/likes, etc. This appears to be an ongoing issue for most.
    When there are issues, or something is not working accordingly, people will get frustrated. Everyone should be working together. These are computer issues!!! Now, at this point, there may not be a fix readily available. The thing that I hope happens, is WP and it’s volunteers, and their WordPress Blog owners can get together to actually put their heads together/listen to each WP customer’s issue, to see how best to rectify these situations. I want to Thank @suzywordmuser for speaking on my behalf. I also want to Thank her for keeping me up to date. I really hope everyone’s issues are fixed soon!! God Bless!!



    I’ve had two or three days of normal access to my blog, so thought the problem had been solved. Then this morning I found access blocked again. I’m with the Phone Co-op. I’ve had my computer checked for bugs (just in case), and none were found. I’m going to stick with writing posts up in Open Office/Word, and pasting into WP when possible. Not sure how long it will before I start thinking about other options.



    I too am find the whole experience stressful. I have enough stress without never knowing how difficult WordPress is going to be to access each day. I am loathe to move because of all the friends and followers I have built up. You know this though we have all invested our hearts and souls here.
    BTW I have encountered the same difficulties while out, trying to use WordPress from my mobile which is not Talk Talk so it can’t all be Talk, Talk. Hope you will fix things soon. willowdot21


    I’ve been cautious the last 24 hours, not wanting to get my hopes up. But for me things seem to be sorted.
    My thanks to all who have contributed to this thread. I thought I was going mad for the first week, I had tried every piece of advice – worked for a while .. then back to disaster.
    It was an enormous relief to discover i was not alone.
    Thanks especially to WP staff for their diligence. For putting the smile back on my face.


    I read all 9 pages here since justjennifer led me to this thread.
    My intermittent problem are changing pages within my wordpress site (I now hesitate to post new content) or when trying to link up to people through my blogroll or through email notifications of new posts. The message often repeats: ‘no data received.’ If I do get through, I then have intermittent hiccups with comments – terribly time-consuming.

    I’ve been abroad last week, so I can say this problem recurs no matter which server, which browser or which computer.
    * * *
    The last update from wordpress seems to have been TWO DAYS AGO – Jul 29, 2013, 9:58 AM – when Happiness Engineer rachelmcr posted the following on https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/recent-problems-accessing-wordpresscom-sites?replies=3

    When we investigated this issue, we learned that a number of internet service providers based in the UK are now blocking sites listed by the Internet Watch Foundation. IWF flagged a site hosted on WordPress.com; we took the site down (it was in violation of our TOS), but not before some ISPs blocked it. Unfortunately, the blocking was not done very well and some of our servers were blacklisted, preventing our UK users from being able to fully access their sites. We communicated with the ISPs and IWF, and expect that things should be functioning normally soon.
    We regret the inconvenience for our users, and are taking steps to make sure we don’t see a repeat of this issue in the future.
    * * *
    Any more news since?



    Don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve had by far the worst morning since the problem started.


    David, I tried to respond to your post on my contact page and got, guess what, ‘no data received.’
    So I post my reply here:
    Hi David,
    re: the wordpress hiccups discussed in the forum – by changing pages I mean: once I’m logged on to the admin page and then click to my home page or other pages, I intermittently get ‘no data received.’ To my knowledge, I’ve not lost content, apart from images – I noticed some images have disappeared from older posts.
    If you’re concerned about losing wordpress posts, and I see you’ve long and informative posts – best compose them in word so you have backups.



    I’m not concerned about losing content, and although one of people have vaguely hinted at this, I suspect there is another cause. Thanks for clarifying that.



    Almost total outage for me the whole day. TalkTalk.

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