Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.

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    Hi Laurence

    Thank you for taking on Talk Talk! The problem seems to be fixed now. I’m sure others would agree when I say we use Talk Talk because its cheap not for the standard of its customer care.

    Best wishes



    My problem is still there I’m afraid. Still can’t get on to any WordPress blog.



    Hi everyone, thank you for reporting this issue. For those of you who are still experiencing problems, we are investigating and I will keep you posted here.


    I have two WordPress accounts and continue to experience difficulties with one of them (unfortunately it is the one I need to work on). I am with Talk Talk Business who are not open on the weekends!


    I can no longer even view my site admin, homepage or anything other than the reader and stats pages….seems to be getting worse…


    Both accounts are now inoperable.



    What happens now is I sign in and get directed to the dashboard, so far so good but if I click onto my site from there I get sent back to the sign-in page as if I hadn’t signed in and to get back to the dashboard I have to sign in again! My original problem with not being able to preview my posts is still there.
    Shirley Anne



    By the way I am at http://minkyweasel.com

    Shirley Anne


    Same problem – guess what, we are with Talk Talk…


    Getting beyond a joke, as its now even banning me from looking at this support page – taken 5 attempts to get it to load…



    Oh GAWD! When will it end? I hope you folks who pay for Talk Talk services have all been on your phones telling them exactly what you think of their dubious service.


    Ah, I guess you have never tried to get TalkTalk to answer the phone – I think they only have one incoming line handset…



    Oh really? I’m in Canada and I can reach my ISP quite easily. Moreover, as I’m visually challenged I get excellent service.



    If you are using Talk Talk note:

    I was advised by TalkTalk forum to change server setting from automatic to
    and that seems to have solved the issue
    so far?

    I was getting no errors with connecting to any other website with Chrome other than wordpress …



    Being a bit of a wordpress.com noob, where do I find the option to change that setting?






    Alleluia! Best wishes for trouble-free blogging.


    WordPress has blocked me from posting with one account but am still able to post to this forum with my other account :)
    I have been able to access and work on my blog via my sons computer (in Japan). And when he went to bed I was able to connect with a dongle. So it seems that the problem is local to the UK and Talk Talk specifically. If you have access to another provider, either by a dongle or any other external modem type device, It may provide a short term solution for light work at least.



    So where do you find the option to change the setting to Is it in WordPress settings or in the computer settings?



    I have been with WordPress for about five weeks and had no problems at all until three days ago, I am with Talktalk so why would they suddenly change “settings”. WP is the only site I am having trouble with. Ditto help as racook, how do you find the option to change the setting to ? Please.

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