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Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.

  1. Just logging the same issue, which seems to be getting worse. My ISP in the UK is TalkTalk.

  2. Same for me, Talk Talk UK, problem exactly the same. I can't even begin to imagine with my little brain what Talk Talk can have done to only affect users, but each of them in slightly different ways? But something, about 7 days ago, was changed and now here we are, stuck....

  3. I'm getting the same problem. Have contacted Talk Talk via Twitter. They can't replicate the problem at their end. They've suggested clearing the cache - haven't had to do this before. As the problem clears itself after a few minutes with no action needed it's hard to tell if clearing the cache solves the problem.

    As commenter above says, this problem started around 7 days ago.

    My ISP is Talk Talk and I'm using Google Chrome.

    The blog in question is

  4. jordantheheadcase

    This is not just restricted to TalkTalk customers! I'm on Sky and there have been people on AOL, Co-op and BT posting here who are having the exact same problem. Maybe there's a virus on WordPress? Somehow I doubt the likelihood of all these ISPs having the exact same problem at the exact same time, independently and only with WordPress. Whatever the cause, this is getting ridiculous. Nearly a week of not being able to access my blog, even to view a post, let alone change anything!

  5. Newbies to this thread may find my comments at 9.00am and 9.32 today to be of some help. This link provided by Talktalk is informative:

    I've found some improvement as I've tried working through the day so we can but be patient. If engineers are checking and correcting code that's been bugged then they have a huge time-consuming problem.

  6. huddersfieldhistory

    I'm finding my website ( either very slow to load, or (right now) not loading at all, whether approached in Mozilla or Explorer, and whether using its url, its url, or an inward link.

    I'd appreciate a comment from WordPress on this, please.

    David Griffiths
    [email redacted]

  7. It's not Talktalk. It's WordPress. :(

  8. radarkeybumperissue

    I, like lots it thankfully seems, have been having all sorts of WordPress trouble for the past week. Many blogs won’t load and a lot of time I can’t even get on my own. Some I can’t comment on as it tells me I’m not logged in, whilst others the comments won’t appear after being posted. They just disappear. For many blogs the Like button just won’t load.

    And all this after I had to tell TalkTalk security that was a trusted site (whatever the hell it is) just to get onto any WordPress page at all.

    I do note that all this started when alterations to the WordPress site happened such as the new way of telling you how many new blog posts there are in the Reader. Coincidence?

  9. Well, this is rather out of left field, but as everyone affected seems to be in the UK, perhaps it is a UK government problem?

  10. ljkjklqljkhwhljkfqjhklfqjlkqjlh

    Well, this is rather out of left field, but as everyone affected seems to be in the UK, perhaps it is a UK government problem?

    Or at least an issue with the internet backbone in the UK.

  11. I'm finding less and less blogs I can access everyday - problem is getting intolerable. Can't make comments on so many blogs and sometimes can't even make comments on my own either.

    I'm in the UK and on Talk Talk, but I'm having no other internet issues, I doubt it's anything to do with my internet supplier.

    Thinking of giving it all a break if this goes on much longer - it's unworkable!

  12. Nobody outside the UK is having this problem, so yes, the problem IS your internet; the question is, who is interfering with the internet of the UK?

  13. optimumtrajectoryphotography

    Probably the NSA ;-)

    Seriously, its only WordPress that this issue occurs with. Nothing else. not FB, Twitter, Tumblr, eBlogger.

    Standard pages work for other sites. I run on Mac, Windows and Linux and am seeing this on all platforms and all browsers. Even my iPhone is having issues with the WP app.

    Finally, today, the index sequence of blogs on my reader page has gone all out of sequence. Normally it is latest at the top. For much of this afternoon it was all over the place, with blogs from yesterday going to the top, new ones being half way down.

    Something is wrong and whilst Im not suggesting its NOT interference on this side of the pond, I would suggest that there is something that may well be closer to WordPress than not.

    I am currently getting about 60% uptime.

  14. optimumtrajectoryphotography

    Heres one for the pot.

    How is hosted seeing as all of us who are having problems over here seem to be able to access this particular site?

  15. optimumtrajectoryphotography

    Heres one for the pot.

    How is hosted seeing as all of us who are having problems over here seem to be able to access this particular site?

  16. It's not hosted on the same servers as the blogs.

  17. It's David Cameron's parental control filter. He's broken the internet!

    I have the same issues, on talktalk, with Firefox and Chrome.

  18. optimumtrajectoryphotography

    Bear with me on this one, Raincoaster.

    If its a DNS issue, or a blocking issue restricted to the UK, why is it only affecting wordpress blogs.

    Have the wordpress blog hosts got a set IP range?

    Are the forums ( such as this one ) hosted in the same IP range?

    Just thinking aloud, and not making any assumptions here, or being critical of anyone...

  19. Hi everyone,

    We want to let you know that we are still investigating this issue. The issue seems to affect users of certain UK ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that are running blocking/filtering software, which is limiting their users' access to Thanks for your patience while we work with those ISPs to look for a solution.

    You can also follow this forum sticky post for the latest major updates:

  20. Thank you rachelmcr, very reassuring to hear that you are on the case and working on it.

  21. jordantheheadcase

    I second that; thank you for letting us know.

  22. For those of you who don't want to click on the link: The UK government has been requesting ISPs to block certain websites. It appears that either is included in that, or that each of you has at some time linked to one of the blocked websites and was blocked in return. Since this seems to affect brand new blogs as well as existing blogs, it's logical to assume the former rather than the latter, but it can't hurt to search your blogs for links to those sites.

  23. optimumtrajectoryphotography

    Hmm, I would suggest looking at the people on here, including myself, non of us are torrent users, and even less likely to link back to a blocked url.

    I cant see how that would be an issue for me either, as the wp access is up around 60% of the time. If it was linked to the area you suggest, I would expect to have a permanent block on access to my wp blog.

    That said, I think you may well be on the right track, just not quite at the point where the real issue is :-)

  24. Absolutely none in my case! And why then would I have normal access to my site about 50% of the time? This does not seem a credible theory.

  25. TalkTalk users who are experiencing the problem: what happens if you change the beginning of the URL from http:// to https:// ? That should work on any * URL.

  26. You would have access to your site 50% of the time if only 50% of the IPs are blocked. If the servers also host stuff for the blocked sites, the servers themselves are blocked, and that's why you're getting the problem.

  27. OK, that makes more sense.

  28. @rachelmcr - Happiness Engineer - Your comment is very interesting, blaming UK ISP filters/blocks - what is your evidence for this?

    It is not just British ISPs customers having problems, bloggers in the USA are also reporting problems of their comments (without multiple links) going into other bloggers spam filters - that is not usual, and it is something I have read on many blogs.

    I read eurello's comment on the sticky post you linked to and tried his suggested fix of using a proxy. I am fairly web savvy and tried a good reliable elite proxy - thereby eliminating the possibility of UK ISP web filtering that you suggest is responsible - still certain blogs are visible but I am no longer logged in to be able to comment, same problem as direct from my ISP.

    The problem is clearly WordPress related, servers, or code, whatever it is it needs to be fixed fast as bloggers are loosing readers, and your company is loosing viewers over all and everyone is getting very frustrated.

    Finally, not that it is a big issue, but for many months now people all over the world have been commenting to one another and noticing that likes made by regulars can disappear, days or weeks after they were made, and likes I have made on others sites randomly disappear too and I have to like the post again - your comments? Is that our ISPs too?

  29. The Akismet spam issue is not related.

    The Likes issue is not related.


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