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Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.

  1. I have been having the same issues re. access to blogs and dashboards and received a reply from technical support yesterday that they are aware of an issue but have no defined time period in which it will be resolved.

  2. btaylor679...I think this issue does not mean when your blog is inaccessible to you it is inaccessible to others, however, if so many of us are having issues it is hard to persist in reading other's blogs when you can barely work on your own, do not be downhearted, it will be resolved I am certain. There are times I can get into mine and then suddenly I can't, or I can respond to comments here, always very easily via e.mail but if I switch to go to my blog, it is blocked for whatever reason, then I can get into a few minutes later, but cannot get into the dashboard, and so it goes on, round and round.

  3. @Eurello

    Regret to say, that while problems (for me) were greatly reduced yesterday - starting, coincidentally enough, just before you posted your comment & continuing through the late evening (only one issue the entire evening), the problem is back with a vengenance this morning. I'm unable to access my own blog admin pages, and cannot easily reach other people's wordpress blogs to read them.

    I've spoken with TalkTalk's customer support (several times), and they are pretty adamant that the issue is with WordPress (unsurprisingly) and are "unware" that WordPress has been in contact with them.

    I do note, however, that people with other UK-based ISPs are starting to report similar issues, which suggests something a little deeper has gone awry.

  4. sequinsandcherryblossom

    Hi eurello

    I am a TalkTalk user and sadly my problem is just the same today. Whatever fix they tried hasn't worked.

  5. This online chat is all very well but does anyone know if this problem is really being tackled by someone who knows why we are having these problems? I find I now cannot log in using my laptop (W7 /IE) I sign in the usual way but get told the page cannot be displayed, that is my dashboard. I am however able to log in on my Nexus 10 (Android) with no problems. This to me indicates that the browser or Windows have been compromised but only for WordPress platforms. I can still access other WordPress sites.

    Shirley Anne

  6. Hi
    Adding to this thread as not sure if this is what is affecting my blog. I want to register a new blog on an existing account. Whichever browser I use (I have now tried three) I am unable to proceed further. My ISP is AOL (UK). the error message in Firefox is 'the connection to the server was reset while page was loading' error message in Chrome is 'no data'.
    I don't know if that throws any light on the issue.
    While trying to load other admin pages I sometimes get the same error messages, but usually get to where I want to go in the end., i.e. can continue with som hiccups to manage my blogs. However the 'register new blog function' continues to crash. I have never had problems like this in 6 years of wordpress blogging!
    I have not contacted AOL pending WordPress' own investigations.

  7. The respite yesterday is over -- same problem today. TalkTalk, UK.

  8. We should not assume that WP have a much easier time talking to ISPs than we do. Most ISP matters are taken up by people who have no clue and don't even know how to feed matters up the hierarchy, or the ability to see WHEN that needs to be done. This could take many weeks to resolve.

  9. Maybe WP engineers could speak to FB engineers, they have had similar problems from time to time over the years. Maybe something to do with the size of server? Maybe WP has outgrown it's present one? Does that make sense?

  10. I've put a post up about these problems on my blog, interesting to see the response! Bloggers who weren't having problems last week are having problems now - this seems to spreading, and some of them are not in the UK (so no TAlkTalk involved!!!)

    Have just been trying to reply to those comments - but I can't, nothing will connect to allow the posting of my reply!

    So much for WordPress contacting TalkTalk (comment made by eurello on page 6 "we believe this should all be resolved") I'm on TalkTalk - nothing has improved at all - please give up this stupidity of it all being down to TalkTalk. There are people the other side of this planet with WordPress blogs who are having the same problems, THEY ARE NOT ON TalkTalk, are they???? So what's causing the same problems with their blogs?

    I don't know if the staff at WordPress have given this much thought, but it might not be wise to go posting comments suggesting the problem is with another company - unless they are very sure of what they are talking about!

    And placing an 's' at the end of the http:// turning it into https:// - (tellyworth asked us to try this on page 4) - no, it doesn't work!!

  11. Yes, the staff are working on it.

    Until it's fixed, use an offline blog editor like Windows Live Writer to make your posts. It may not go up when you try to post, but at least you will have a saved copy. And eventually you will succeed in connecting.

    In the meantime, your blogs are visible to everyone NOT in the UK.

  12. Hello
    I am still not able to create another blog on my account as the page 'create another blog' won't load.
    Is this part of the ongoing problem or something else ?

  13. Loftus1 - hi - my problem exactly - I've tried various fixes to no avail - I am now assuming it's all the same issue but have had no direct response
    (I need that new blog!)
    Ali B

  14. I had horrendous problems last weekend in Worcestershire, trying to access WP blogs - or this forum - using TalkTalk (fibre) as my ISP. So slow, often timing-out. But I'm in Surrey at the moment, and accessing via BT Infinity is perfectly OK. I've used the same laptop/browser/settings in both cases so this eliminates most of the things that are under my control.

  15. jordantheheadcase

    Anyone had any improvement? I still can't access my blog at all, nor those of anyone else. What I can't get over is the lack of information from WordPress themselves. As so many of their customers are having huge problems with their product, they should at least be present and give regular daily updates, even if the problem hasn't been solved yet. To stay silent and not respond to any of the comments being made here is not exactly what I'd call 'support'. I hope some of you are having more luck today!

  16. @jordan.... no improvement, although first thing I was able to access my blog, since then, this is the only page I can access via the email updates through the reply button.

    I am starting to feel somewhat irritated at the complacency of the staff and the utter lack of support, that they leave it to their volunteers to "placate" or "incite" the rabble who have issue.

    Is it because we are considered less worthy (bearing in mind the innocuous comments made by some, about the UK previously?)

  17. jordantheheadcase

    @Amandalannon, I agree! A customer is a customer and therefore always worthy of support and communication, regardless of where they live. I've never experienced anything like it in terms of lack of contact/advice from the provider of the product that's clearly not working for so many. How ironic given that the whole point of WordPress is to give people a platform from which to COMMUNICATE!! I hope we hear some sort of update today.

  18. @Jordan, in absolute agreement with you. Now for some patience whilst we wait for a professional and formative response, hopefully with the result we have been waiting for..."it is repaired"!

  19. Hi everyone, I want to let you know that we have identified another possible cause for the problems you are experiencing, also related to the blocking/filtering software mentioned in this forum thread:

    This applies to a number of ISPs (not just TalkTalk), and we are currently waiting for more information to see if this will resolve the connection issues you are having. Please stay tuned for further updates!

  20. Thanks for the update Rachel (especially as trench being dug for new power mains right outside our house is perilously alongside BT phone cable).
    It's far too coincidental that this WP-ISP glitch is timed to accompany PM Cameron's declared war on I/net porn - see
    As mentioned b4, I guess UK ISP's have tried getting ahead of the game by testing ways of tackling it - to the detriment of normal users, and giving most of us and your team quite unnecessary hassle.

  21. municipaldreams

    I want to add that I also am having continual problems accessing WordPress, uploading, etc. This needs to be resolved soon.

  22. Do we have any updates which can be shared? (Asking here as the other thread is still closed to comment.)

    Even uploading after drafting using an offline editor is getting frustrating.

  23. A reply from Support received at 3.20 pm BST today: "We are still working on this with the UK ISPs. Since the issue isn't on our end, it's impossible for us to say how long it will take to resolve. We are making progress with them every day, and more users are able to regain proper access with each step. We would love for all our users to have access immediately, but as mentioned, we can only help these ISPs to fix the error."

  24. Dear Engineers, Management and Mr Matt Mullenweg,
    Are you aware of today's BBC news on Talktalk (my ISP) use of Chinese Huawei filtering system? See
    Can you assure UK Users that Talktalk management have been playing ball and this is not afflicting your service in any way whatsoever? (As mentioned earlier, this is too coincidental)
    Thanks and hoping for return to usual 'happiness' next week.

  25. And WordPress is banned in China.

  26. We are aware that blogs are blocked by the Chinese government but that is not on topic for this thread.

  27. Well, I HOPE and expect that you'll all vote for the Pirate Party after this fiasco!

  28. Hi, I would like to share the problems I'm having on I'm located in the United States. The issues are the following:
    1. When I try to Like certain blog post, I am unable to Like them. Instead it tries to make me leave a comment.
    2. When I visit some of blogs I frequently visit, I will get a message that says, 403 Forbidden. I would be unable to connect to these blogs. Now, as far as the term, 403 Forbidden, I'm not sure what this means, except I know that I communicate often with the owner of the blog!!

    3. I've noticed when I have new visitors to my site, I will start out at one favorable number but by the end of the day end up in the red! When all I've had is activity on my page.

    4. There has been reports to me from other blog owners, that they are unable to Like my posts, or leave comments. I was really hoping that these issues, and any other issues other bloggers may be experiencing could be fixed. Thank you in advance for looking into our issues WordPress.

  29. "We are aware that blogs are blocked by the Chinese government but that is not on topic for this thread." --- My point related directly to one made by rjaybee.

  30. I was talking about a possible bug in the filtering system. rjaybee's point seemed worth considering.

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