Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.

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    @raincoaster The Akismet spam issue may not be related, but it is still a growing and widely discussed problem that has occurred in the last few weeks, alongside the other growing problems.

    The likes issue may not be related, but it is still unreliable behaviour on WordPress, that is irritating and annoying, but minor compared to being randomly blocked from viewing or commenting on certain blogs.

    Evidence of UK court orders blocking specific torrent websites with specific web addresses is NOT evidence that UK ISPs have suddenly started blocking random WordPress blogs. As rjaybee has commented earlier in this thread the law in the UK prohibits ISPs from interfering in webtraffic other than legally enforced court orders or legal prohibitions – none of the WordPress problems concern blogs containing torrent links or any other prohibited material.

    rjaybee also helpfully gave this link that I had not seen earlier, but appears to be entirely relevant and should be more widely discussed.

    Having WordPress staff and Happiness Engineers suggesting proxy servers and home bloggers changing DNS servers, as has been done in this thread, when the problem appears to be accepted by independent experts as a bot-net attack is irresponsible and totally unprofessional.



    @growltigger – the link you gave is not really relevant here – that is for WordPress.ORG installed blogs (note the use of Plug-ins) – the staff here are good at handling attacks against blogs here – only one time I can remember there was a DDS issue is when WordPress.COM was hosted on some server farms that also had Wikileaks data on them and the powers were trying to take down Wikileaks – things here got slow for a few days

    That the problem seems to be mostly UK related indicates a problem withing the UK – would not be the first time an ISP problem took down more than what they intended and because of the way the internet works, people not in the UK can still be routed through the UK

    For other blocked blogs / web site issues – Google the Great Firewall of China, then there was Russia blocking access to WordPress.COM blogs for a while because of some content issue



    This isn’t a thread to discuss your emotional reaction to software failures. As far as I know, we have no such thread. And god knows, you don’t have to tell volunteers like me about the bugs; as another volunteer pointed out, we’ve been tracking some of them for a couple of years now.

    You can give feedback directly to staff at Support at WordPress dot Com.



    Oh for god’s sake, it isn’t a botnet attack. If it were, how could ONLY the UK be affected?

    I wrote one of the first articles on that old botnet attack.


    Emotional?? Who’s getting emotional? I can’t see the evidence of anyone getting emotional on here! But “Oh for god’s sake” sounds a little emotional – a little irritated perhaps – at what? Opinions? I thought that’s what this place was for – to have an opinion, to say something.

    Well, here’s an opinion – no, in fact an experience actually. The problem is not ONLY the UK. I’ve been having many conversations with bloggers from all round the world, and they have indicated to me the same problems as I am having as a UK blogger, trying to make comments, and access their own blogs. Sometimes they can, sometimes they can’t, the problem seems to vary from one minute to the next, as far as I can see it is NOT just a UK problem.

    I go on many interactive websites, where the ability to make comments has not been affected recently, I am not having any other internet issues at all – only WordPress.

    I’m sorry if this gets someone fired up and emotional, but it looks to me to be a WordPress problem.

    I do have some sympathy with the WordPress team of workers, I’m sure problems like this must be a real headache, so lets hope they manage to solve it soon, because this can’t be good for business!



    No, this support forum is for technical support for WordPress.com.

    The comments issue is a separate issue with multiple threads devoted to it; there is surely one on the front page of the forums right now.


    Thinking about this, a filter issue from an ISP would cause problems as suggested by raincoaster if

    a) you have a link back to a blocked site


    b) WordPress is sharing servers that are hosting blocked sites.

    IF you dont have link backs, then there should be no issue for a) and if its b) that is causing the issue, then its up to WordPress to move to hosts that do not contain blocked sites, or instruct their server farm managers to do so.

    Now maybe I am being naive here, but if it is the case that WP.com blogs are hosted on the same server as a torrent feed, then I for one am not happy with that. Torrent feeds are notorious for hosting payload packages, and whilst cross contamination is rare, it can happen.

    So whilst this may be an issue that is primarily UK related in that the ISP filter legally applied to weed out the various file sharing sites deemed by HM Govt as being illegal, what it may have inadvertently done is highlight a situation where by legitimate blog hosts are sitting on the same platform as services that some see as highly dubious in their nature.

    Of course, this is all pure conjecture, and we will probably never know the cause of the irritation. One thing is clear. The UK has a high proportion of bloggers that use WP.com, and this outage is going to see many customer jump ship. Now whilst many use the free WP service, a lot of people pay to use commercial templates, and there could well be an indirect financial loss incurred by the template builders due to loss of confidence in WordPress as a hosting company. It may well be that it is outside of WordPresses control, but as a customer, WordPress are our first port of call when things go wrong ( especially when the rest of our internet access is working fine )…

    Food for thought…



    It’s not uninformed conjecture. It sounds perfectly plausible and somewhere in teh dusty recesses of my memory I can vaguely recall that WP.com went through a similar thing some time ago.

    Difficult to be sure your servers are perfectly sanitized, though, unless you own them.



    The situation is enormously frustrating to those of us who have problems using WordPress in the last week, and I think it would be true to say, in the main, that we have been polite throughout. It is a shame that some of the responses by volunteers have been facetious and at times, downright unhelpful. One wonders how those who are being unprofessional in their responses would be responding if the tables were turned!



    Oh, I’m always like this: ask anyone.



    No comment!



    But…but you commented! Now I feel lied to!



    No words :)


    I’ve been trying to understand everything being considered on here but to be honest a lot has gone over my head! All I know is that it’s been over a week and now it’s taking me five minutes minimum just to log onto this forum; I can’t even view my blog any more. Any info from WordPress? Whilst I appreciate this must be a nightmare, the contact and advice from them has been really bad! It’s fine for them to take our money but where are the updates? ‘We’re dealing with it’ isn’t good enough when it’s been over a week and we have no idea of what’s going on. They’re just leaving us to contact our ISPs and to speculate amongst ourselves whilst nothing improves; fantastic. Does anyone know if it’s a fairly easy thing to switch to another hosting site? I am not very good with the technical side of things; has anyone done it and found it to be straightforwards? Sorry if I sound moany but this is dragging on with no resolution, no feedback and no advice from WP apart from ‘tell TalkTalk’.



    OK… Lots of problems.Wordpress is certainly very hit and miss at times.It is a brilliant site and the ‘staff’ are generally very helpful.
    I have 3 blogs on my account at the moment which can all be a bit sticky at times.I want to create a 4th new blog. When I try to do this using the ‘create another blog’ tab it won’t let me and the address bar reads
    ‘about:blank’ which I figure could be a wordpress gliche.
    I’ve tried the suggested fixes and procedures but to no avail.
    I know wordpress think there are some issues with isp’s so hopefully these can be sorted out. Trouble is (in Britain at any rate) that ISPs seem to be joint owned or have parent companies so what applies to one seems to apply to all.



    @jordantheheadcase, changingr ISP’s gives a few moments of satisfaction but the issue raises it’s ugly head within a few hours, therefore it is not the ISP address. I believe it is a case of waiting it out and keeping an eye on proceedings, whilst those who are savvy get it sorted, hopefully sooner rather than later.



    Don’t try to create a new blog right now. It will only cause you more problems. Wait till this is sorted, which should be within a day and worst case within a week.


    Yes, I would wait a bit anyway…but I just wondered if it comes to it, how easy is it going to be to do and should I start researching it now, given that I’m not great at this sort of thing! I do hope it’s only a couple more days at most. For their sake as well as ours.



    It’s really easy, unless you want to get fiddly with web design. If you want a fully customizable site, WP.com is not for you but WordPress.ORG is. If you just want to get blogging and posting content on a prefab, nice looking theme, then this should be fine.

    You can start here: http://learn.wordpress.com



    Oh you wanted the Move to WP.org link? Here you go:


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