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Unable to login to my blog login screen keeps coming up

  1. After doing a password reset I still cannot access the dashboard interface to change my passowrd. I have tried it with both firefox and IE. Eveythime I try to access the dashboard WP keeps going back to the login page is there a technical error happening to my site?

  2. I am also having this problem.

  3. Same here.

  4. I have been having the same problem, on and off for the last couple of hours. Server problem??

  5. I just signed up and have been trying to log in to enter my first post. I enter my username and password and hit login, but instead of going to my blog, I get the login screen again.

  6. Unable to log in here as well. Just keep getting the login screen and reset my password as well.

  7. I have the same problem and I´m from Spain... Server´s problem?

  8. same here

  9. estenomedepedra

    yeah i have the exact same problem... changed password and cleared all cookies fro my pc and it still doens't work...

  10. Try logging in now...I can now log and make postings...seems to be fixed! A big thankyou to everyone on the WordPress Team!

  11. Thanks to the Word Press folks for fixing this! I can log in now.

  12. yes I can log in as well, thank you!

  13. Thank you! Your work is much appreciated. :)

  14. No problem, sorry for the login issue.

  15. Mine still does not work. Keep getting: Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

  16. Nope, tried in IE and works. Thanks.

  17. I am having this problem now :( It got fixed once a couple of hours ago, but now again I can't login again :(

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