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    There is an individual that has commented on my blog before. However, they tried commenting on my blog recently and was only allowed to make one comment. Now, they can’t make anymore comments. I haven’t done anything to change the permissions since the last time they commented on my blog so I do understand why they can’t comment anymore. Can anybody help me?

    The blog I need help with is firesidechats.home.blog.



    @chatsbythefireside are the comments going to spam, or what’s happening exactly when your friend tries to comment?

    Also, can they comment here in this thread with more details? Is this only happening to them on your site?


    She made a comment on my article here….

    She is the only person to comment on that specific article, so far. She said she was unable to make anymore comments on my blog after that one.


    Hi –

    Looks like you’re referencing Senseless Blogger (@SenselessBlogg1). Is that right? You may consider asking them to post in this thread so that we can take a look at their settings.

    In any case, I do not see where they’ve attempted to leave additional comments. They are not in your spam or pending comment areas.

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