Unable to obtain information from whois server?

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    I transferred my blog to wordpress.org. Now attempting to transfer my domain to Bluehost. Wild West Domains says they cannot help, suggested I email support@wordpress.com which gets no response. WWD won’t answer any questions.

    After having to figure out the majority of the steps on my own (please see other recent thread that outlines the frustrations with that due to poorly written copy and answers being all over the place), I am now unable to transfer my domain. It says:

    “Error: The domain sarahsambitions.com is ready for transfer, but we are unable to obtain information from the whois server. Try PROBE to see the live data. If the administrative contact information looks clear to you, then contact customer support immediately to investigate the problem, otherwise contact the Current Registrar to have the problem repaired.

    The following is the whois that we have on file. If this does not look correct, it is possible that your current registrar (Wild West Domains, Inc.) is blocking our registrar IP ### In this case, please contact them and ask them to whitelist our IP address.”

    The information is clear and WWD won’t help. I unlocked, un-privacy-ed, verified my contact information, sent EPP (which is also called the “Authorization Code” on the page, not the EPP – that copy should be updated as well). I checked externally and the information is all good. So what am I supposed to do now?

    The blog I need help with is sarahsambitions.com.


    Ugh, it finally went through while I was writing this.

    STAFF – Please update the copy to make it easier to transfer. Also, please release the customer number that Wild West Domains says they need to help.

    This cost me days of productivity and traffic while I could not promote my site. Very, very disappointed.


    Also just got a notification from Bluehost that the “losing” domain host might block the transfer. This will be fun to deal with. So frustrating.

    STAFF – Please, please, please, when a customer pays for a custom domain, just release the customer number/necessary information for that customer to deal with domain issues with the domain service provider – Wild West Domains.

    I feel it is a violation of my privacy to have to post questions in a public forum when I had to first disable privacy settings on my domain in order for the transfer to go through.

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