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    i want to upgrade my account to Personal Plan, however the transaction is not getting completed. It shows try with another card. Please Help its really urgent

    The blog I need help with is icampusconnect.wordpress.com.


    Hello there,

    Because I am a volunteer on the forum, I do not have access to your account to help you with this. I have tagged this thread with “modlook”, which will alert staff to assist you.

    While you are waiting for staff’s assistance, here is a helpful link about payment methods: https://en.support.wordpress.com/payment/

    Hope this helps :)


    Hi nishchaya29gmailcom,

    There is a Personal plan active on your site now so it looks like you’ve got this sorted. I can’t see any payment errors on our end so the transaction was likely blocked by your bank.

    If you need any further help, you can access email and Live Chat support from this page:




    Yup it sorted itself … However it panicked me for few hours. Thank You


    Hi nishchaya29gmailcom,

    You’re welcome, glad to hear everything worked out in the end :)

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