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Unable to post comments

  1. Hi I can not post comments on the support forums nor anywhere else. Why am I barred of posting comment
    In fact no one can see them except me. I'm much annoyed. Please help me.

  2. readytochangenow

    Try adding tags over on the right - I can see all 4 times this was posted. :-)

  3. What are you saying? I didn't get it.
    At the time of creating this thread I was not able to see it and my comments were only seen by myself on itspak1 only. I was unable to see it through iPhonist1. This problem still continues.


  4. In fact my comments and threads are always made visible after 2 or 3 days.

  5. readytochangenow

    Maybe that is why I saw them - it was almost two weeks after you had posted this.

  6. Sometimes a person gets stuck in the automated spam filter system, if that happens you need to flag the thread for attention with "modlook" then your user name such as "tspak1 stuck in spam filter"

    then a Moderator will un-stick you and your comments will be visible by others - it has happened to me several times - just the way the automated system works to try and keep the spam and other riff raff under control. Sometimes a person will show up and leave 15 or 20 quick spam comments and this is a way to try and control that abuse.

  7. Same thing was told to me by a moderator that it was due to posting too much comments on these forums (but I sparingly do). And she can not do anything about that. Thanks Auxclass for your response.

  8. Sometimes it's a wash rinse wash rinse repeat thing - the Moderators (or even staff) can only un-spam you they don't have access to the code that puts you in the spam system - when you see yourself stuck in the spam filter just ask to be removed with the instructions noted above - I have been stuck several times - just ask and the Moderators should be able to let you comment again. Yes not a perfect system.

  9. Now what should I do?
    I did contact support and they told me that my blog is ok having no apparent problem.

  10. @iphonist1
    Aside from this issue, if any threads and or comments you posted into the forum that are not seen contain specific support questions your need help with then you could ask them in this thread and we will try to answer you.

  11. that are not seen contain specific support questions your need help with then

    Sorry but I didn't get it.
    (I'm not at home with English).

  12. readytochangenow

    Ask your specific questions here and they will try to help.

  13. If I change the username and/or e-mail associated with that account, will the system permit my comments to show? (As it resists itspak1 not XYZ)
    2 Will this be a fair thing to do?

  14. You should be able to just keep asking to be removed from the spam filter - it does help us in the forum when you have the same name as sometimes knowing what you have ask for help in the past helps us give you an accurate answer today.

    Nothing wrong with changing a user name.

  15. Will it fix after changing the username?

  16. Can you see me?

  17. And now Auxclass has stuck in spam filter.

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