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Unable to post comments on other people's blogs due to a WordPress error.

  1. sarahpotterwrites

    I can't post comments on other people's blogs anymore. When I try to post something, it asks me to sign in to WordPress, even though I'm already signed in, then dumps my comment, and apologises for not being able to post the comment because of a WordPress error.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is a duplicate thread. Are you in the UK? Is you ISP BT, Talk Talk or Sky? Return to

  3. Hi sarahpotterwrites, as timethief mentioned, other users have reported similar issues with accessing sites and posting comments through certain ISPs. We are actively investigating the issue.

    In the meantime, you can try:

    - accessing your site through another ISP - accessing your site through a proxy - contacting your ISP to inquire about the issue

    We will keep the main thread above updated as we have more news.

  4. sarahpotterwrites

    Have switched browsers today from Firefox to Chrome. So far, no issues.

  5. sarahpotterwrites

    Spoke too soon. It's coming up with the same error using Chrome. I managed to post a comment on one person's blog, but couldn't do the same on another.

    A fellow blogger tells me that there's some kind of gremlin on WP at the moment, as she received around 100 unfiltered spam comments over the weekend, plus some comments meant for other people's blogs.

    I've always found WP so reliable. What's happening? If I pay to upgrade to pro, will it iron out the issues? Certainly not paying, if it's just as bad.

  6. Here is the long explanation:

    The short explanation is two part:

    1) don't buy any upgrades until this problem is resolved. It's just not going to work, will not help with the problem, and will be a mess later to sort out.

    2) apparently rents server space from companies that also rent server space to torrent sites and pirate sites, and these have been banned by a court order in the UK. What internet service providers have done, it seems, is block all the IPs of all the servers from all those companies, and as a side effect, gets blocked too.

    It's only blocked sometimes because every time you reconnect to you get a different IP and not all IPs are blocked. Just some. And just in the UK.

    So all you can do is wait while staff work on a fix.

  7. In addition to the information raincoaster provided, I wanted to mention that staff will also be providing updates on this issue in this forum post:

    Thanks for your patience while we work on this!

  8. sarahpotterwrites

    It's taking a long time to resolve and seems to be fairly random. If it's to do with my server blocking/filtering stuff, how come some of my comments get posted without difficulty on blogs I normally leave comments on less frequently? While on the blogs I leave comments on most days, the following happens.

    It’s possible to comment but only after going all around the houses to do so. This involves linking to blogs via Reader on my site. Entering the comment in the box on the sites, highlighting the comment and doing Control+C, as I know it will be dumped on the first attempt. Then I’m asked to sign in to WP again to make my comment, so I sign in and send the comment and am rewarded by the words “Sorry, this comment could not be posted”, and “WordPress>Error” on my tab button above. So I close the site, go back to Reader, follow the link to the same blog and, Voila! I can post the comment.

    This really isn't time efficient. My ISP is Aol. Is this on your list of problem servers?

    Still trying to be patient, but blogging is meant to be a pleasure not a stress.

  9. Yes AOL is among them.

  10. @ sarahpotterwrites, only some of the servers were blocked by ISPs, which blocks some (but not all) access to blogs. We expect that things should be functioning normally soon. You can read more details from our latest update here:

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