Unable to post comments to blogger blogs.

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    I have tried to post comments on several Blogger (Google) blogs over the past couple of hours and am unable to. I see my comment as a “preview” but it does not show up as a posted comment. This is only happening with Blogger, but unfortunately 75% of my contacts use it.

    Is anyone else having a similar problem with their fellow bloggers who use Blogger?

    The blog I need help with is amatterofhowyouseeit.com.



    And this is a question for WordPress support?


    If you are trying to use Open ID, I suggest you stop and just get yourself a google account (webmaster will work) and use that. I gave up on open ID a long time ago. Just too many problems.



    I was just wondering if anyone else here had the problem or if perhaps it was specific to me and my blog which is an altogether different issue.




    @ thesacredpath – maybe I’ll try that. Thank you for your reply.


    Also, if the blogger has moderation turned on then your comments will not show up until they review and approve it, same as here. I comment on a couple blogs over there and sometimes the bloggers are a little slow getting comments approved.

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