Unable to post from win10 wordpress site manager, android or iOS apps

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    Last week could post and save drafts from iOS, android, Windows desktop get errors, the Android app gives most information:
    Jetpack site is inaccessible or returned an error: transport error HTTP status code was not 200 (403) [-32300]
    from the wordpress website:
    just get “Saving of the draft failed” nothing extra!

    Same issue with all my sites, all hosted on one provider, not wordpress themselves!
    I’ve not upgraded the sites, and don’t remember seeing any emails to say an auto update had taken place, and certainly not been into the website settings or files in the last week as been travelling!
    SO either this is a Jetpack/wordpress update or change or my host provider has run out some global server updates … have emailed their support but they can be slow :-( … is there anything known to cause this, any settings I can change myself?
    thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is www.portlyman.com.


    It appears the host made a change to their settings and I now need to add a command to the .htaccess file:
    allow from all
    Not sure if this can be improved to reduce risks, seems a bit of a wide remit to me! Probably completely defeats the change they made!

    Any ideas on what this could be improved to would be much appreciated…



    Hi Richard,

    Can you please report this directly to Jetpack support so they can investigate? This forum is for sites hosted on WordPress.com, and we’re not able to help with this type of Jetpack issue here:



    thanks, already sent them a ticket, but not heard anything as yet!
    Plus their support is not forum our even using a viewable ticket, so no way to see it’s status! Do they have a support forum? or is there a link for viewable tickets that I can’t find?

    Separately, I assumed this support forum was for all WP, hosted and self hosted … is there a separate support area for self hosted sites, so I don’t make the same mistake in future?



    Ok, found the other support on WP.org, sorry had a senior/mental moment!



    Support for self=hosted sites is over at WordPress.org.



    Jetpack support should get to your ticket soon. Keep in mind that you submitted it on a Sunday, so there’s likely a backlog of tickets for them to work through.

    Jetpack also has a forum on WordPress.org, but as you’ve already submitted a ticket it’s best to be patient while waiting for a reply there.

    You can find the Jetpack forums here:



    Thanks. It’s just I can’t now post an update with more specific details and help fine tune the request…


    Thanks. It’s just I can’t now post an update with more specific details and help fine tune the request… or advise of the fix that ive managed to find….



    I understand. If you do want to go ahead and create a forum thread instead with the additional information, perhaps just mention there that you have an open ticket as well and include the ticket number. That way whoever answers in the forum can resolve the ticket as well.

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