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    I have been unable to post pictures into my post… everything was working okay then the images would upload and stall when crunching…… I tried just letting the photographs sit thinking I might be to impatient but the photos did not post after 20 and thirty minutes and if I attempted to re upload the photo did not post again.

    This occured trying to load single photos or using the multiple photo loader.

    79.4 MB used, 2.9 GB (97.4%) upload space remaining.

    The blog I need help with is nonniequiltingdreams.wordpress.com.



    I’m having the same problem. It says I have 98% space left, but images just won’t load. It stalls at “Sending request to wordpress.”


    I did find that cleaning out my CACHE and Cookies in my FIRE FOX / browser really helped. You can do it in IE by using the HELP search and following the instructions.

    In fire fox … go to tools …. then select CLEAR RECENT HISTORY …. CHECK THE BOXES you want to clear…. I cleared everything but ….ACTIVE LOG – INS… I would be lost without my passwords.

    I was able to load about 6 more pictures which worked for me… but I also put pictures on my POD BEAN blog.

    I have found if WORD PRESS is maintenance or upgrading… everything slows down and nothing posts. I often have to save my blog on a word file and post it later…. which is a bummer because that does nothing to get the pictures posted.


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    I have been having the same problem, last weekend and this weekend. I have not been able to post any images. TOday I cleared my cache and cookies but this has somehow made things worse. I am unable to access my dashboard. I cannot see anything under the My blogs tab. The only thing working is My stats but even that, the graph does not display. I am now unable to view any of my posts or anything in the dashboard. HELP…



    After clearing the cache, it is also a good idea to reboot the system so that any gremlins in the memory of the system is also cleared. On a windows system this does make things better but Linux is something totally different architecture.




    STill not able to upload images. Has this problem been solved for anyone else? ANyway to contact WP staff if you are not a paid blogger



    Yes, I answered you in the other thread.

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