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Unable to post media

  1. englishwithjames

    Suddenly, I'm unable to post uploaded media to a page. The media name is printed, however, there is no link. Has anyone had this problem or know a solution?
    Thanks for any help or suggestions.

  2. I also noticed that I'm no longer getting an option to just grab the link when I upload picture. You have to Insert to get the link. Not sure what's the reason behind this change.

  3. same problem here, i hope it's just a glitch in the software and solved soon.

  4. I notice that I now have to actively click on Post URL or File URL to create a thumbnail for images, but I like it much better this way. I also noticed that I can now see the size of the thumbnails. That's an improvement.

  5. englishwithjames

    Thanks for the help - just sorting out the URL does the trick.

  6. the size thing is a nice update, but what's the benefit of no default file url's in the post?

  7. can't upload media either!

  8. same here ! get to post page.. no tools there .. just two buttons not working. visual and html.. no other tools.. no media crap ! what is is the answer ? can anyone out there help ..
    pleeeeeeaaaase !!

  9. At the time to upload, even though I select Center, it doesn't center it, unless I go back and edit the picture and Center it again. This should be fixed.

    It would also be helpful to know the wisdom behind hiding the URL.

  10. When you report a problem, please give us a direct link to your blog, either by linking your name to your blog as per the instructions at the top of the forum or just by typing in a link, starting with http.

  11. I can't post a picture to my blog, either. I ended up having to upload it to my WordPress account, a thing that I don't like to do because of the limited space.

    PS. Something weird is going on. I couldn't link to a picture from another website (yeah, I know it was a hotlink, but the website was encouraging such hotlinks). I couldn't post that picture using Live Writer, either. But when I uploaded the image to my account, I could post it, and when I linked to an image on my PictureTrail account, that worked, too. Am I inadvertently breaking some rule??

  12. No, not at all. Weird, I posted something hotlinked (with permission) just a few hours ago and it worked just fine. Have you tried using the HTML (code) editor instead? It still has an IMG button to add an image.

    (also: seems to be having problems loading properly, both my Write page and the forum)

  13. I see I have to manually insert the link to an uploaded picture in order to have it open in a new window by clicking on "link to image button". On this post two of the uploaded urls ended with .jpg, two ended with ?=and a number. In the case of the bottom photo that is ?=500.

    When I deleted the ?=number of the 3rd image it opened correctly in a new window. I assume I could correct the bottom image in a similar way but would like to know what is going on and how to deal with it in the future. Can you help?


  14. @wolferiver-3 Gigabytes of space is "limited"? If you need more, the yearly upgrade is more than quite reasonable. NAYY

  15. I think I have over 700 images uploaded to just one of my several blogs, and so far have used no more than 3% of the space. It's not something to worry about.

    @sleepinghill, the ?=500 is because you set the width or height to be something other than the image had as a standard. If you leave that in, it will link to an image the same size as the post. When you delete it, it opens full-size.

  16. my problem is fixed.. i had the anti-virus 209 virus.. what a creature it is ! got rid of it with a free download.. had to reinstall IE7 and google tools with antivirus.. got it back up.. running great untill whenever ! all media tools are working fine !

  17. I'm noticing today that the Upload Media thing grey-screens for a VERY long time before coming up the first time you use it in a session. Wonder what they changed; I haven't changed anything on this end.

  18. @rain, I'm surprised at you! The would never change anything now would they?

  19. Should of been a smily on the last post.


  20. Goes without saying. It's Monday, not Friday; I think they're either three days behind or four days ahead.

  21. Well, Labor Day is coming up in the US, perhaps they are trying to get things out early.

  22. Or we have a new calendar where it's Friday every day? ;) The flash image uploader has been giving me errors for the past two days and I've got the latest version of flash installed. Meanwhile I'm just riding out the storm and using the browser uploader...

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