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Unable to post on my blog

  1. Hi there. New blogger here. I am also having trouble reviewing and posting to my blog. At times, I can't to login to the WordPress account--I get an error message. Fortunately, I was able to log int o type this. I just hope it posts before I am shut down again.
    I am thanking you in advance for any assistance you can provide. :-)

  2. What browser and version are you using? Have you gone to your Adblocker and virus scanner and told them that is a secure site? It sounds like that's the problem.

  3. My WP admin is taking about 60-90 seconds per page to load. Same with the actual website. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  4. I am getting no formatting either on my blog, on my dashboard or on It's as if all your CSS files have gone missing.

  5. Yes my blog has been really slow all day. No formatting either in the back end. What s happening here?

  6. I have left a few messages trying to get to the bottom of it all too. Both my blogs now are super slow and are in a text format. I can't get in to edit them either. Even the forum site is in text format too. I tried using two other computers and the same thing is the happening.

  7. @bridgetteb The problems you described sound like a problem with the connection between your computer and the servers. It's hard to tell without more information. You mentioned a "Done, but with errors." message. If you click on that, can you get more information about the error? Can you send that information directly to us at ?

  8. @thegrubstaker It would also be helpful to know the exact error message or have a screenshot of it.

  9. @dpg02633 Your site is not hosted here at

  10. @quirkyartist @sewjournal @projectmotorhome The errors you guys are mentioning regarding slow loads or missing formatting sounds like a problem with your local connection. Can you please post the country where you are located as well as your ISP at the thread that raincoster has already provided?

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