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unable to preview article before publishing

  1. Up until yesterday, I was able to create articles (Write>Write Post) in the editor, click 'Save and Continue Editing', then scroll down to see a preview of the article.

    Today I can't :( There is nothing to scroll to.

  2. It got moved. It's just above the post contect box now on the left. Look for the "Post Preview" link.

    It threw me as well. :)

  3. Ah, thanks for that.

  4. Been wondering when something like that was going to occur. We've had threads here where folks have had issues with it.

    Do note that you have to click on "Save and Continue Writing" to get the preview to display what's current. It's not like the CSS editor which displays on the fly.

  5. I found it too drmike. I went back to have a look as I thought to myself, it couldn't just disappear without a trace, could it?

    The advantage of the 'new' preview is that it opens in another window so that you can see your draft article in all its glory.

    The downside is that it opens in another window (or tab in my case), and you have to navigate to that tab to view the preview. Is there an option to set to preview below the Post text box, as before?

  6. Not with what we have here.

  7. Can we make use of the Important Notices (on the yellow sticky) to update everyone of the sudden change in format of our Dashboard so that in the future, 'we will not freak out'? Thanks. :)

  8. @drmike
    I'm happy for this post to be marked as resolved.

    It may help some people.

    I start writing in my blog as soon as I log in. I don't tend to come to the forums unless I get stuck. Stuck may be just having to leave an article in draft as I can't complete it, or technically stuck meaning I go to the forums (and FAQ) and search to see if someone has described the issue before.

  9. Thanks for the above discussion, in which a question that occurred to me while posting just now was raised and answered.

  10. Suddenly in the midst of writing a new post, I discover my preview is gone and replaced by a button which opens a separate tab way below where I am working (I use multiple tabs for a reason).

    This is horrible. How do I get the normal (quicker, more efficient) way back?

    PS where's the send button for feedback?

  11. PS, this seems to me to be another user "improvement" like the snapview that was done without user input.

    I use Firefox so if I need to edit in one tab I can duplicate the tab next to it to view the entire blog. This "preview" in a new window or tab, not even next tab over, requires extra work and time.

    Please revert or at least allow those of us needing efficient tools to undo this option.

  12. The light blue feedback button is found on the top right hand corner of any of your blog pages. You click on it and a pane opens where you can communicate with staff.

  13. I still like the good old way of previewing it straight without opening a new window.

  14. timethief, the button opens the form but after I wrote for feedback there was no way to submit the form.

  15. You mean down below the comment box there was no "Submit Feedback" button? Because that's where it usually is.

    Also, please note that before the preview box showed what was on the blog, not your edits until you clicked Save and Continue Editing. It wasn't a live preview.

  16. Actually there has been user input. The big preview screen has caused issues in the past both here and with regular wordpress. One of the most used and requested plugins is one to get rid of the preview frame.

    If you get stuck, yka, you can always send in an email to support at this domain.

  17. Actually, I'm getting used to the new way. I've changed the way I do things.

    Instead of opening in a new tab, I now open in a new window that is displayed on top of my existing tabbed window.

    At first I found it disruptive, but now I only click on 'Preview' when I'm ready to preview :)

    Closing this new window is actually a little quicker than the previous scrolling back to the top of the window to view the edit pane in the same window.

  18. Well, it's great the problematic solution got fixed, but what about those people who didn't have problems with the frame and actually liked the feature? I totally want the option to switch back to the old way, which encouraged you to save your work if you wanted to see a preview.

  19. Please remember that we have a lot of users on dialup. The Write screen was pretty heavy and we all hate slow loading - this speeds it up for everyone.

  20. I would think the old way would throw off your stats counters as well.

  21. Why the old way would throw off my stats counters?

  22. Because the Sitemeter and other service's image comes up in the preview window. Gets reloaded every time you click on the "Save and Continue Editing" button.

  23. Well... Nonpaying accounts cannot use the external counters which requre java anyway and it doesn't mess with WP counter.

  24. Agreed. That's why we use counters that don't require Javascript like Sitemeter and the others.

  25. As everyone else seems to be saying - please put it back the way it was !!!! You didn't ask us if it this 'feature' was a problem, and certainly didn't tell anyone in advance that there was going to be changes made, causing frustration, and wasted time in these forums !!

    In 30 years of IT programming, I have learnt that the worst thing you can do to your users is to make changes without telling them in advance :-(

  26. @redracer
    You seem to be making the same complaint into multiple threads forum threads. I'm thinking this is an exercise in futility and a waste of your time. Bloggers voluntarily answering questions on the forum don't make these decisions staff and management do so I'm sure after 30 years in IT you do know that posting over and over again to the forum is not likely to bring about the change you desire. Your best bet is to communicate directly with staff through use of the feedback button. It's found on the upper right hand corner of any admin side blog page.

  27. So are you !!!

  28. @redracer
    Thanks for your co-operation x 2.
    Your best bet is to communicate directly with staff through use of the feedback button on Monday. It's found on the upper right hand corner of any admin side blog page.

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