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Unable to publicize blog post in Facebook

  1. I've been able to publicize all my blog posts on Facebook until today, something happened and I don't know what. I cannot get my latest post to appear on my Facebook page. I've tried everything. I've closed and reopened the apps in both Facebook and WordPress, hasn't worked.

    Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am experiencing the exact same problem. I remember authorizing wordpress to publicize to my facebook account automatically. Today, when I tried to publicize, after pressing the publish button on a given post, I would receive a message over to the right hand side of the screen saying if I want to publicize, I have to authorize wordpress to access facebook. I follow the link to authorize wordpress and after I do that, at the top of the screen it says that I've successfully authorized wordpress to access facebook, but then when I go to publicize the post again, I get the exact same problem and end up running in an infinite cycle.

    So what's the deal, wordpress?

  3. I'm having the same issue!

  4. Me too.

  5. crazyrunninglegs

    At least I know it's not just me! I've pretty much tried everything - and on more than one computer, so it seems to be a WordPress issue?

  6. Yeah - either a WordPress or a Facebook issue ... - i have tried from several PC's as well - always wants me to restate the publishing rights (what I accept), but it still won't work ...

    As a temporary solution you can just post the link manually - will be fixed soon I guess :)

    A day, a photo -

  7. Yah, same here!

  8. Same here, spent a good deal of trying to make it work.
    Guess, will post the link manually.

  9. I´m having the same problem

  10. Same issue here.

  11. I've got the exact same problem...:(

  12. My apologies guys, were currently looking into the FB publicize issue. We hope to get things sorted out asap. I'll post here as and when I have more info.

    In the meantime, thanks so much for your patience.

  13. Thanks Hanni!

  14. It is possibel to post the URLs and snippets directly using another means while waiting for Staff to fix this problem.

    You could log into Facebook and go to your fan page. Then click on the edit page button below the pic box in the top left corner. Scroll down to the Facebook applications and look for notes and click edit. Then click on the import blog and put in your info. It’s the exact same as doing it for your personal profile, just under the fan page editing area.

    You could use and the Networked Blogs application, You can add the Networkblogs application and then add your feed to it on your profile. When you publish on your blog, it will update in the stream on Facebook and your wall both of which only post snippets and thumbnails after you publish a post.

    If you are a regular HootSuite user, you can implement Twitter lists and also schedule your status updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and

    See >

  15. Hi all,

    We think we have this fixed now. If you run into any issues, please try these reconnect procedures and then test with a new post:

  16. I'll have to see if it works...I'm glad it wasn't only me that was having the issue though.

  17. Seems to be working, yeah!

  18. It's not working! As soon as I authorize Facebook, and then post via Windows Live Writer, post does NOT appear in Facebook. When check my blogs, it says I have to authorize Facebook. How many times I have to do that? I had to post my disclaimer on my blog that points to a blog post:

    Facebook Authorization equals "Needs to be Authorized" as soon as a post is submitted.

  19. Posting into Facebook FAILED!!!
    I followed the instructions posted at

    Posting into Twitter FAILED!!!

    I deauthorized Facebook and Twitter, reauthorized both, and then wrote up a Test post in Windows Live Writer. I uploaded it, and My Blogs says I "will need to authorize your account on Pasig HOBBYist Blog to connect with your Facebook account."

    What wrong with Is it going back to 2007 before publishing into Facebook and Twitter exists?

    I am in the Philippines... I am marking DEFECTIVE, keeping my disclaimer posted on the front page of my blog.

  20. I actually just made a post publicized to Twitter and Facebook with no problems.

    Have you tried the reconnect procedures listed at ?

  21. WordPress to Facebook posting worked on Tuesday, February 1st... BUT...

    WordPress to Facebook posting FAILED on Wednesday, February 2nd!


    Please MODIFY WordPress Dashboard to ANNOUNCE Facebook needing to be authorized again and again and again and again. I hate going to "My Blog" and seeing that Facebook has to be Authorized, AGAIN. Please put "Authorize Facebook" onto the Dashboard, and add "Re-Post into Facebook" into the posting page (post-new.php). This would save me from doing Facebook Share on EVERY post on my blog that failed to get shared into Facebook in the first place.

    I added to my bookmarks because I am now realizing that Authorizing Facebook (and sometimes, Twitter) has to be done, more than twice a week.

    I did two posts, both failed, between 11AM Philippine Local Time, which is 7PM, Tuesday, February 1, 2011, Pacific Time in USA.

  22. I haven't seen other people reporting a problem on these forums, which may explain why employees haven't added a message as you are suggesting. Maybe it's just you and maybe you should consider contacting staff directly:


    I've tried doing the instruction at BEFORE and AFTER posting. The result is the same.

    If I am the only one having problems, then it's because of one of the following:

    1. I am in the Philippines, and/or
    2. I am using Windows Live Writer.

    Again, I GAVE UP! I unchecked the box besides Facebook in "My Blogs".


    I've tried doing the instruction at BEFORE and AFTER posting. The result is the same.

    If I am the only one having problems, then it's because of one of the following:

    1. I am in the Philippines, and/or
    2. I am using Windows Live Writer.

    Again, I GAVE UP! I unchecked the box besides Facebook in "My Blogs".

  25. I just de-authorized Twitter and then, re-authorized it, again. I guess only my account is misconfigured from posting into Twitter and Facebook.

    Now, I'm going to look for Windows Live Writer plugins to allow my posts to go into Twitter and Facebook, since it's only my account won't do it, automatically, anymore.

    I can't figure out why I'm the only user experiencing these problems!

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