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Unable to purchase domains

  1. I just created a new blog and I'd like to purchase a domain through WordPress, but when I go to the domains tab under upgrades in my dashboard, I get this error message: "We're sorry, new domains cannot be purchased at this time. Please try again tomorrow."

    Why would this be?

  2. We are currently performing maintenance on the domains system. If you wish, you can purchase the domain elsewhere (such as, and then once you own it, map it to your blog following the instructions here:

    Or, if you prefer, you can purchase the domain name through your dashboard tomorrow once the maintenance is complete.

  3. When exactly will this maintenance be complete? Monday afternoon it said to try tomorrow and I now see this response early this morning says try again tomorrow.

  4. Staff is asleep right now. "Tomorrow" is still several hours away for most of the staff, at least the part they'll be awake for.

  5. I haven't looked into it very thoroughly yet. Is there a benefit to purchasing through WordPress or GoDaddy?

  6. Is there any estimated time frame for when I'll be able to purchase the domain?

  7. I thought I purchased a domain over the weekend using wordpress, it took my credit card number and seemed to support the transaction....but no domain...I'm assuming it's in the que to be initialized once everyone wakes up, does the fix, tests the fix and releases to production??

  8. Contact staff with your transaction details, domain name, username, and your email address you used to set up your blog here.

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