unable to receive password reset link to wordpress site

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    I’ve been unable to receive apassword reset link to wordpress site, even after confirming my email and password in myphp wp_users file. any ideas as to why? I’ve used emails from godaddy, my hosting site and gmail.


    The website is MasterKey Ministries.org





    Hi! You’re using your own self-hosted copy of WordPress through GoDaddy. It’s quite different from a site that is on our servers.

    And since your site is not here on our servers, we don’t have access to help you regain access, nor would we be able to check email logs and what not. But I may be able to point you in the right direction.

    First contact GoDaddy to be sure you have backups and can access the hosting side of your site, then read all of these these instructions from WordPress.org to determine which method you want to use to regain access to your installation:

    If you need more help with your installation, you’ll want to use the forums at https://wordpress.org/support — or you’re also welcome to move your site here. Cheers!

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