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    hi everybody,
    i made a blog at pandey.wordpress.com , but later i deleted this blog to get a new blog address.i have deleted the previous blog , but when i try to register a new blog ,i get the error that the email id has been used earlier.But i have deleted the blog, can i be able to register a new blog using the previous email id or wordpress has locked the email id and i have to make a new email id to get the new blog registered.




    You cannot use the same name again. This has been discussed many times and you can use the search box to find the threads but the bottom line is that you cannot reuse a name once it has been deleted it’s gone. Howver you can be creative and add another letter or a hypen or an underscore and register a very similar one.



    I believe that hyphens and underscores don’t work here.



    Sign on at WordPress.com using your old account and you should have an option to create another blog. You won’t have the opptunity though to use the old blog’s URL though as once it’s been used, it’s locked out for reuse.

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