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    I am trying to upgrade my blog to a private domain ($17/year) and am following the directions to do so. My problem is with the registration form and billing information form. The reg form asks for my state and country, but does not give me a space to enter it. And when I move onto the billing page it asks for “countrypostalcode” in one place. I am confused as to how to complete these forms so that I can move ahead with registration. I fill them in as best I can and continue to receive the message that the country I have entered is invalid. Please help me make more sense of this registration process!! I am beginning to think that wordpress doesn’t want my $17!!

    The blog I need help with is lisamguerrero.wordpress.com.



    The list should contain all valid countries. Is yours not there? If so, what is your country?


    I am in the U.S.
    There is no list. There is no box for me to enter the info, though it says that it is required.
    The same is true for my state…no way for me to enter it.
    The form seems wonky. Is it because I work on a Mac not a PC? Could it be my web browser? Maybe I’ll try a new web browser and see if that helps.
    Thanks for your response.



    Yeah, that definitely sounds like a browser issue. Please let us know how it goes with a different browser!

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