Unable to remain logged in

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    I’m sorry about this, there are many threads on such a task, but nothing works so far.

    I have cleared my cookies and TIF, also I’ve even reset IE7 to scratch (security at the normal settings too to accept cookies)

    (To add onto that I don’t want any smart people telling me to use firefox, it is not a standard for some websites, especially ticketing companies, therefore I remain on IE.)

    As the topic title says, I can’t remain logged in, once I exit the site and try to go back I have to log on continuously. This has been going on for the past month or so, so it isn’t an intermittent server in my opinion.

    Any help much appreciated. Thanks



    As you’re aware, there are already several such threads. Your best bet is to send a Feedback from your Dashboard with specific details, as Barry has stated that Support will be officially open this weekend.

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