unable to renew domain that expired 45 days ago

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    I am unable to renew my .org domain that expired around 45 days ago. I got the email that it was going to be automatically billed to my credit card. BUT, I did not get the message that there was a problem billing it to the credit card. The credit card number changed early in 2012 and therefore the old number would have been rejected and I didn’t get a message.
    There is no “renew” button. It says if there is no “renew” button, contact customer service immediately. Well it looks like customer service isn’t much more than forums. Looking for help to get this back.
    Blog url: http://opseulocal166.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is opseulocal166.org.



    It looks like the domain opseulocal166.net was renewed today – did you get everything sorted?



    I got the opseulocal166.net as a new domain. The domain that expired and was unsuccessfully renewed was the .org domain. I still want to renew the opseulocal166.org domain and I have no idea how to renew it or to purchase it again.




    It looks like your opseulocal166.org is in Redemption and you need staff help to retrieve it – I will flag this again for the staff to help you – when a domain name is in Redemption speed is important to prevent the name from being grabbed by squatters and held for ransom



    Sorry for the misunderstanding (the domain you are looking to renew was purchased by another user on the blog). I sent you by a separate email the recovery options for opseulocal166.org, please respond directly to that email when convenient.

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