Unable to renew or re-purchaes my domain

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    My domain expired in January. I don’t see a renew button and I am unable to re-purchase via the Store. (I found another post that suggested to someone else in the same situation to go to the Store and re-purchase.)



    The blog I need help with is rantinggoddess.com.



    Rantinggoddess.com appears to be up for grabs for anyone to register, so maybe if you want it you’d better go to any domain registrar and pay for it quickly. You’re not restricted to any one store.



    For some reason, our system did not automatically remove the subscription record when it expired.

    As mentioned by edwinridout, you are free to repurchase it from any registrar, but you can now repurchase it from us as well by adding it via Store -> Domains in your blog’s Dashboard.


    I tried that. Now I can’t even find that option. Honestly, I find this site very difficult to navigate when it comes to finding information and, in particular, how to navigate the “store”. Seems like it should be easier to spend my money, yes? :)

    For now, I would just love it if I could figure out how to re-purchase or re-new this URL so I could start using it. I’m starting a new phase of my life and would like to start getting it down in writing.

    Much thanks.


    If I purchase it at Godaddy.com, which is much easier to navigate, how will I use it here??


    Okay, I was able to do it this time. So weird. I spent about an hour trying to do this the other day.

    It’s difficult to go back and write about things with the same enthusiasm five days later.

    Thanks, guys, for the help.


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